Bits of Sweetness: Just for fun.

Just for fun.

Currently Counting Down To
My bestie coming in to visit this coming weekend! We are going to Canada baby! Woot woot!
Currently Super Proud
Of all the hard work my husband did today helping me get our house clean. It looks so much better! 
{What can I say? We are unintentional pack rats. We don't intend on saving any of the things we do, but we just don't deal with it often enough and it piles up at a scary fast rate!}
Currently Broadening
My photography skills. Thinking up more creative poses and themes to do!
Currently Concluding
That I just might never get everything school-related turned in on Sunday night. But, at least they still give you a lot of credit for late work. Yay.
Currently Reading
A really good book about teaching kids gratitude called Growing Grateful Kids. As well as a very cool YA fantasy book called The Magi that a friend of mine wrote. {Dude. It's only $2.99 for the e-book edition on Amazon. Go get it here! It's on Amazon's top 20 YA list already!}
Currently Thinking
I should finish up that homework I've been procrastinating on. But it's so much more fun to blog than to write about the anti diuretic hormone.
Currently My Favorite Thing
My piano. I have missed it greatly. 
Currently My Second Favorite Thing:
  My great playlists on Spotify. I need to add another new song to my list but of course it's stalled on the update. Boo.
Currently Saving All My Pennies For:
Going to my best friend's wedding in Salt Lake this summer!!
Currently Wanting To Travel To
Hawaii!! Or London.
Currently Wanting In My Cupboard
Nothing. I am so full after a really good iced latte.
Currently Wanting To Learn
How to stay organized!
Currently Drooling Over
All the adorable baby clothes in stores. 
Currently Confessing
That I spent five out of seven days last week at Target. Yeah... I love that store.
Currently Listening To:
Nickelback- Lullaby
Currently Obsessed With
Pinterest. Oh my... And Spotify playlists.
Currently 1st Place Comedic Genius:
 Jeff Dunham
Currently Addicted To:
 Sleep! And good music.
Currently Fantasizing About
having an amazing closet full of great outfits and accessories 
Currently Sad Because:
there might be changes in life that I'm not too fond of
Currently My Motto:
Nothing ventured, nothing gained. {This has been my motto forever.I love it.}
Currently Dreaming Of
being financially on top of it.
Currently Needing To Update
My wardrobe. Really. I need some outfits. Not just random pieces.
Currently Want To See In My Closet
Color and cute combinations!
Currently Enjoying:
relaxing after a long day of cleaning!
Currently Have A Girl Crush On:
 LC. Or Reese Whitherspoon.
Currently Shopping:
  for nothing right now so we have some extra money for when my bestie comes in, and for when I take maternity leave
Currently Discovered
That my sweet husband doesn't throw any of his mail or receipts away. 
Currently Redecorating:
Our place with some great wall art I found at Target!! (and totally loving my piano too!)

Your turn! Copy the questions then post with your answers!!

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