Bits of Sweetness: A little relaxation here, a little smile there, a little cup of perfect tea there...

A little relaxation here, a little smile there, a little cup of perfect tea there...

Most Saturdays, we just relax as a family.
Today though, it was sunny and, dare I say, warm.
{Warm, being just about 60 degrees here!}
It inspired some productivity in me.
But, all productivity needs a balance, for without a break
or a moment to just soak up life's moments, 
that productivity begins to wear pretty thin.

To have a great day, you need a great start to the day.
So, tea it was.
{Market Spice Cinnamon-Orange tea. Seattle favorite. Sooo good!!
That cinnamon orange flavor and scent is amazing
You can order some for yourself here!! Your kitchen will thank you greatly!
The 50 count teabag pack is a great deal, but 
if you simply wish to sample the delectable tea, there is a 10 teabag pack too}

Next on the agenda: finishing this page-turner from the libary.
{Also an accomplishment, because it's been months, years even since I've finished a book!!}
It was so lovely to make time for reading. I rarely do that, and always regret that I don't!

We got a lot of cleaning and organizing done. I consolidated a huge, three-inch thick portfolio folder
to two smaller much more specifically-labeled and organized ones that I found at Target for $1.00 each.
On the way home, Andrew overheard me make a subtle comment to Josh about slurpees.
You can guess what his request was!
We decided to have popsicles at home instead.
He was ok with that!

An hour later, this is how we found Andrew.
This kid never wants to take a nap, but today? 
Today, he pulled his blankets and a pillow out and made a bed for himself on the couch.
Tired kiddo! Must be a growth spurt!

We learned tonight that four-year-olds have very interesting theology
‎Andrew: "All of this cracks me up. It's not obeying."
Proceeds to hit his lego table.
"It cracks you up?"
"Yeah. It's not listening to me!"
" 'Cracks me up' means that it's funny."
"Somethin' funny cracks me up!" *giggles*
"So why were you hitting your lego table?"
"Cause my legos won't obey!"How's that for logic for you? ;-)

What are you up to this weekend?
We're doing a whole lot of dancing and singing to this song, Andrew's current favorite.
Have you seen the movie? It just came out! It's one of our faves!
And good memories because it was the last movie we saw with my brother
before he left for bootcamp.

This is what I'm up to for the rest of the weekend- homework, case studies, quizzes, and consolidating all my recipes from recipe cards, notebooks, and papers into this beautiful binder
 I found at- guess what store? ;-) 
Target, you ask?
Why yes! :)
Happy weekend!
We got sunshine!


  1. Great post! I loved reading about your week :)

  2. Aw! He's so cute :) I can't wait until Liam says funny things like that!


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