Bits of Sweetness: Thankful days

Thankful days

I'll keep it short and sweet today.

I'm thankful for Andrew being on the mend.
Ear infections, nasty colds, coughs, and fevers all at once are no fun.
I'm thankful for small things like Josh being able to get off work early 
so Andrew could get into the doctor since my work schedule
didn't have time that day. 
I'm thankful he is all smiles now, because it is so very hard
to see your little one in pain, and not be able to do anything
(especially if they don't want anything to do with medicine!
He hates ear drops!)

{He came up with this new hairstyle all on his own!}

I'm thankful for unplanned movie nights and sleepovers on the hide-a-bed
with Andrew (can you say late naps for both of us?! Daddy was ready for bed
waaay before we were!)

 I'm thankful for neat ideas that help this scatter-brained mama 
keep it together at least some of the time!

I'm thankful for creativity.
 (A man holding a hot pepper. For a kid who loves abstract
art, I'm impressed at what a good job he did on the pepper!)

I'm thankful for incredible flavor in food.
{Ginger lime stir fry this week. So good! Also, I just discovered
almond butter(pictured by the celery). It is amazing! Have you ever tried it?}

If you're wondering, not that it really matters ;-) no, I don't normally eat my entire meal
out of tupperware containers. Just the nights I'm nannying and bring my own meals :)

I'm thankful for family time. Even if Josh and I end up falling asleep
half-way through the movie! Oops!

What are you thankful for this week?

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut

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  1. That stirfry looks and sounds delicious!!!
    Glad your little man is much better :)

  2. What a good idea with the medicine! Im always wondering if I gave it and how many days are left :o) Almond butter is sooooo good! I was at a friends house one day and she was making sandwhiches for the kids with it, I ALMOST stuck my finger in the jar and took a big glob out to eat, then rememered I wasnt at home and stopped myself *just* in time :o)

  3. Glad Andrew was feeling better too so he could come and play today!


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