Bits of Sweetness: Weekend perfection

Weekend perfection

Iced vanilla peppermint mocha
Playing & singing one of my favorite songs
in preparation for singing it for a special in church a Sunday coming up

I love music. 
It speaks to the soul.
It was so nice to finally see my keyboard again!
{It's been six years since I've played it!}
We've had it in our garage since my parents brought it up
because I didn't really want our son getting stuff on it.
{You know how kids are!}
He has been in love with it and has been begging to play it
every chance he gets!
Speaking of Andrew. Cute stories of him lately.
The other night, he came out of his room, after having already been put to bed.
Our conversation went like this.
"Andrew, you need to go back to bed."
Cue serious tone and hand gestures. "We have a problem.
You just can't say that. I will be sad!" 

I took him to Target to pick out a lamp for his room.
"Which one would you like, Andrew? The blue one, green one, or red one?"
"This one!" Points to a white one with fluffy feather trim.
"No, let's do one of these colored ones."
"I know! How about this one!!" Points to a zebra print with pink trim.
We finally decided on an aqua blue.
He is so unique! I love it.

There was a carnival at our mall this weekend. 
Josh took him for some special daddy-Andrew time.
They had  bouncy houses galore.
Andrew loved the "super tall slide" and
went down it about 25 times.
Kid crashed for a four hour nap today!

We got to go to our first ultrasound!!!
You could see so many details on it- the little nose, eyes, and lips,
the ears, and the spine, hands and feet. 
Of course, they can't distinguish the gender until about 16-20 weeks
so we have a few more weeks.
But, we are already so in love with this little one!!
I'll post a picture of it later.
I'm savoring the sweetness of it for now and just sharing
it with close friends and family for now.
What a precious little life.
We are so. excited. 

Weekend accomplishment:

I put about 95% of it together by myself. Just needed the hubby
to decipher the very... creatively written directions.
Our bathroom looks SO much nicer!
We have something called a counter now!

What was your weekend highlight?
I'd love it if you wrote a post and linked up!

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  1. Sounds like a good weekend! I wish I knew how to play the piano, I tried to teach myself a few years ago but got to a certain point and couldnt learn past that. My weekend highlight was a Sweetheart banquet we went to.


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