Bits of Sweetness: What I'm Loving Wednesday

What I'm Loving Wednesday

What I'm loving this week......

-Getting a 94 on my Anatomy final tonight!!!!

- This awesome blog of cool ideas for crafts and activities for toddler/preschool boys.

(robot tin foil monsters!!!)

-Neat printable Disney princess paper dolls here (I'm printing this off for the girls I nanny once I get some cardstock to print onto!). {If you look through the thumbnails of her artwork, you can find more princesses}

-This very good list of ways to inspire your husband. I am totally printing this list off and making a point of doing everything on it! It would be a fabulous precursor to the Weekend to Remember coming up in April that we're going to { which I am SO so stoked to be going to! }

-This idea for wall art
Beautiful piece, great verse, hang this in the dinning room? 

-This verse. It would go perfect in our living room
bible verse wall art 

And while we're on home decor....
I am dreaming about owning this beautiful tree from Pier 1...
Metal & Glass Tree of Life 
Who knows. Maybe it will go on clearance lower than $79.99...  
A girl can dream, right?

I do love new decor though.
I used a vase I already had, and bought glass rocks and a candle from Dollar Tree.
It makes  me smile every time I look out our kitchen window.
(And, yes, that is snow outside! It is all gone now but yesterday it was so pretty outside!
However, I would not mind spring now..!!)
-I love Canada!! More pictures to come :)
-These cookies. Ohmygoodness. 
My best friend suggested this as a favorite cookie.
I normally don't spring for double chocolate but oh- 
it was worth it. So good. Perfect with a glass of milk
{Recipe here}
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies I Recipe

-This movie.
Wow. Is all I can say. I hadn't seen it yet and my friend highly recommended it. 
So, we watched it. It's incredible what used to be so prevalent and so acceptable.
It was a good reminder though. Of what people went through. Of how special
every single person is, no matter who they are. 

-This book.
Seriously amazing book.
(Not to mention my awesome cousin designed the cover for it too!!)
A friend of mine wrote it. And self-published it.
And it has already hit a couple top-lists.
Really. Do yourself a favor and go get it!
After all, it's only $2.99 for the e-book edition (Kindle, etc)
You can find it on Amazon here.

-This picture of Andrew that I forgot to post!
I LOVE this kiddo so much. He is the sweetest boy.
And has so many fun moments. It is a joy to be his mama.
Our love-yours go like this lately.
"I love you Andrew!"
"I love you too!"
"I love you super much!"
"I love you to the moon. And stars. And planets. And back."

And, lastly, I'm loving my amazing husband.
{Five years ago!}
We've been making a point of spending time together in the evenings.
(Being in the same room on computers doesn't count!)
Even if it's just a few minutes here and there, it is quite lovely.
Two nights ago was Rummmikub and mochas.
Tonight was a backrub and some good conversation.
It's his birthday today!!! 
Happy Birthday Josh! (Even though you don't read this :) )
27 years young... where did the time go?!

What are you loving this week?



  1. Cute post and cute pic of the two of you! I am yet to watch The Help and I can't wait! But first I want to read the book that has been sitting on my shelf for months :(
    Your son is adorable!
    Have a great day Laura :)

  2. Fun post :o) Love the list for hubby, the repeated one made me smile, an easy one to do for sure.

  3. Oh, forgot, Im going to download the Magi book, sounds interesting! Also keep meaning to watch the Help but keep forgetting to! I'll have to now since you said it was good.

  4. Yeah for the 94 on your final last night! Pier 1 has really cute stuff... but unless it is on clearance it is just too darn expensive! Those cookies look amazing!!

  5. I love the Disney paper dolls, and the tinfoil monsters! :)

    Dropping by from WILW.

  6. Congrats on the Anatomy grade girl! I'm a Bio major so I know how tough it is. I would have loved those Disney paper dolls when I was younger! I haven't seen the movie yet, but I read The Help and it was amazing :)


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