Bits of Sweetness: A Day in the Life of a Boy {Faceless Portraits Challenge}

A Day in the Life of a Boy {Faceless Portraits Challenge}

This week's challenge was to photograph someone without their face in the photo.
It's one of my favorite ways to capture my son or a photography client. 
There can be so many expressions in the face, but,
a photo that focuses on something else can be just as powerful.
Yesterday, it was beautiful out, and I wanted to get some
updated photos of Andrew. This is one of my favorites.
It has so many elements in it that I love-
his curious nature, looking around to explore & take in,
the stump he climbed up on so he could be "sooo tall Mama!",
and his beloved bunny clutched dearly in his hand.
I am thankful to capture moments like this!
I know it won't be long before he won't want his
beloved bunny in photos!
For now, I simply cherish these precious moments.

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