Bits of Sweetness: Letters to Andrew

Letters to Andrew

Dear Andrew,

You are now four years and four months old. Growing up far too quickly!
You have so much energy and a love for life

You are all boy. Sticks and dirt and noise. 
You have a zooming swooshing sound you love to make now, illustrating with your hand
when you are about to go flying down the hallway. 

These days you turn anything you can find into a light saber 
and have a duel with your daddy or Papa.

You are ever curious about the world around you. You have yet to ask simply "why" though!
I love that about you. Your questions are so much deeper!
"Where does the sun go at night?" "What is in the train car?" "What are eggs made of?"
"What is the white thing called that comes out of the airplane?" "Where do spiders live?"
You have mastered your prepositions! 
"We're going to the store after this Andrew." "For...?"
You have so much joy in your heart, son. Don't let it die. It is incredible to watch the light
in your eyes at the simple little things- a sunny day,
your beloved bunny, discovering a bug, giving us a hug, 
seeing an airplane, making someone smile.... 
you have so much joy.

You may be all boy, but you are also quite sensitive to other people's emotions and needs.
You can tell if someone is sad, without anything being said. You are quick to give them a hug
and make them feel better. You knew daddy was tired the other day, and told me,
with light in your eyes, "We should give him a back massage! That would be a good thing!"

I love how you notice the little things in life. They don't escape your curious eye.
You exclaim over the sunshine. "It's a lovely day!"
And notice the birds singing. "Listen Mama!! The birds are making a beautiful song!"
You notice the little ladybug, and the pretty rock 
{in fact, you have a tradition of picking out a rock every time we go on a walk, or go to the park, or the beach! You have quite a collection! I have to check your pockets when I do laundry!}
You noticed the beautiful blooms today and found one of the ground to keep safe.
You were careful to switch hands when I took your other hand,
so the sweet little flower would be safe. You are so thoughtful like that!
You are learning so much too. You ask almost daily what a phrase would be in Spanish.
You are pretty incredible at figuring out things too. If you want to get something
up high, there is no stopping you! The other day, we were at Papa's house
and you wanted a toy up very high. You came in a second later, holding it
in your hands. I investigated to see how in the world you had gotten it.
You'd stacked a box, then a stool on top of that, and had climbed onto a little storage container
to get what you wanted. Pretty amazing! You definitely notice the little things!

You have the most handsome blue-green eyes! 
They speak thousands of words with just a glance!
You are loving to help me cook. You bring your tall step stool over
and help me stir whatever I'm making, asking lots of questions all along.

Your smile lights up the room, every time, without a doubt.
It is so contagious. I love it. No one can resist the joy it holds! 

Most of all though, I just love you
I love the way you want your hair spikey. The way you love to snuggle up.
The way you so often now tell us, "Let's have family time!! We should play a game!"
You go and find Daddy, before we've even said yes to it, and tell him it's
time to have family time! So precious :)
I love the sweet boy you are. The four years we've been blessed with you have been amazing.
I love how you tell me you love me to the moon , 
and the stars, and the planets, and the Earth and back.
I'll leave and be gone ten minutes, and when I come back, you tell me,
with a big huge hug, "I missed you so much Mama!" 
You pray at dinner time. 
"Dear God, Thank you for the food. Thank you for loving us today. 
In Jesus name we pray, Amen." You are really starting to grasp
just how much Jesus loves us. You were ecstatic about the Easter story
and told us again and again. It was pretty neat to hear :)
You have started thanking me for the meal after dinner when you are done.
You'll tell me so sweetly, "Thank you for making dinner Mama!
 It was soo good!" You are great about helping put your dishes away,
and help load or unload the dishwasher. Your favorite job though, 
is getting the soap in and starting it. You are a great helper.
We love you Andrew. We can't wait to see what memories the future holds.
You are our special first-born son. That is something I cherish dearly.
I can't wait to see what a wonderful big brother you are going to be.
My prayer for you is that you might see the love of Jesus in us...
and that one day you ask him into your heart as your Savior.
I pray that I might be a good role model, showing you the
compassion, love, and forgiveness that only Jesus has. 
Some days I feel like I fail so much, but I remember that 
in HIM anything is possible. He can help me be the
perfect Mama for you. I love that.

I love you.

Love, Mama



  1. This is so sweet. Those pictures are adorable.


    FEST (food, style & travel)

  2. Aw thank you :) We think he's pretty adorable too! It's a joy to capture him. At least try to! Sometime I want to print these letters off on nice scrapbook paper and save it for him

  3. so so sweet..i love hearing all his "questions"!  i look forward to that one day...Abigail is just getting to the asking phase but its already so cute! :)  Thanks for linking up...he is so precious!!!!

  4. Such a sweet letter.  He is adorable! And great pictures!

  5. What a handsome little man you have! 
    Such a sweet letter filled with wonderful memories to look back on :)


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