Bits of Sweetness: Midweek Confessions

Midweek Confessions

-I could easily eat the rest of the box of Swiss Rolls right now. Chocolatey wonderment! (hmm is that even a word?! lol) 
-I get way too wrapped up in having things go just as planned. Having a four year old is definitely not conducive to this!!
-I've gotten frustrated at said four-year-old simply for the fact that he is a boy and a kid and does things like make loud crashing noises all day, get out a big huge plate for one chicken nugget, touch everything in the store while adding things to the cart that aren't on the list, and jumping/crash landing all over the couch. Not at all part of how I'd like the day to go, but reality check here- he's four and a boy and adorable nonetheless. Maybe time to readjust my little expectations for the day, huh? (not that that means letting him just get away with it but responding with patience and kindness and love rather than frustration)
-I don't do well with goodbyes :( Yesterday was the last day of watching the little girl I've nannied for over a year.  She is such a sweetheart. It didn't help that I didn't realize that yesterday, rather than today, was going to be her last day. We had a good day though. 
Her family even got me flowers. 
Ahh it made the day a little better. I will sure miss her!!
I am thankful for all the memories though!

-I am definitely not a fan of getting a call like this from Josh: "I don't know what happened but our hot water heater is leaking and the garage is flooding." Ugh. Our place is pretty small (like, 900 sq feet ish) so there is a lot of stuff in the garage. (I mean hello, it's like the biggest 'closet' to stuff things into when we need to quickly clean! Which later results in an oober disaster!) Definitely wasn't on my list of things to do this week to go through all the boxes, but it needed to be done anyways. Now to keep reminding myself that it's ok every time I see all the boxes everywhere >.< They'll get dealt with! And thankfully our house is higher than the garage!  (And, yay for renting so we didn't have to foot the bill of a new water heater! Someday we'll own a house and that will be grand but for now I am ignoring all the white walls for the blessing of not having to worry about unexpected costs like that!)
-I love how this little project turned out (and it's not even quite done yet ;-) ) 
I have really been wanting a forward facing bookshelf for Andrew because he
has so many books, and stacked on the shelf just gets messy plus he can't see them well!
But, I didn't want to pay $170+ for one! (good grief!)
So, I came up with this ingenious idea, and got the things for it today.
It's only halfway finished. I need to get the other two shelves up (they're dark blue and teal!) 
and get some cute buttons put on too to decorate them.
What do you think?

-It's almost 8:00 and we haven't eaten dinner yet. (haha see above project for reason ;-)
That's ok though because it's just about done! 

-These two things are making me smile today:
The Easter Bunny's car, spotted at Walgreens
And this sweet picture of Andrew, practicing swaddling with my old Cabbage Patch doll,
 Patches, to get ready for doing it with Adrian.

Happy Thursday! Tomorrow is Friday!!!!!! :)


  1. I can't wait to have a house of our own for being able to paint it with COLOR!!! But really... things like this make me appreciate for now not having to worry about the unknown of it happening!

    Thank you! I love it too! I need to make a few changes but it was so fun to think of it all and actually make it work!

  2. Oh man, when things like that happen, I too, am thankful to be renting! I can just call the landlord! I love your bookshelf project :)


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