Bits of Sweetness: Monday on my mind

Monday on my mind

On my mind today...

this fantastic quote.

our sweet son, sleeping this morning after being up with ear pain all night :(
It's twice as hard when they want nothing to do with any kind of pain relief.
No medicine, ear drops, warm pack, cold pack or anything.
Hardest thing ever is to hear your child crying in pain all night
and feel so helpless except to hold them close, rub their arm, and sing lullabies
into the wee hours of the morning. Really, as tired as I may be, all that matters is
that he is ok. He was a lot better this morning.
I'm hoping he continues to improve!

This amazing-looking recipe for cheesy chicken penne.
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The April Fool's joke we pulled this year (and fooled several people surprisingly!!)
{NOT really my ultrasound pic!}
We told everyone we found out we were having more than one!!!}
Never trust what you hear on April Fools! ;-)
Also don't expect to get an honest answer if you
ask the person if they're serious. Ha. ;-)
Last year, the joke was that I was expecting.
My mother-in-love fell for that one.
This year she told us about expecting multiples,
"I'll believe it when I see an ultrasound picture!"
                                                                  Smart woman! ;-)

Thinking about how I almost went out the door (again) with
only one hand having nail polish.
Not a huge deal but it still looks pretty funny.
Vibrant purple polish on one hand and... nothing on the other!
Oops! What can you do though when you're two minutes away from
where you're going? ;-)

This funny video. I may or may not have done
almost every single thing he talks about ;-)
Love the videos on his channel! Some great thoughts. But so funny too.

Also on my mind is how I referred to the baby as "she" today.
We'll find out for sure in 3 weeks!!! I can hardly wait...!
All those darling little Easter clothes are just about killing me!
I want to get them!! (Especially since we get a discount!
And especially since there have been some amazing clearance deals!!)
But Josh, being the wise, sensible husband that he is,
just winks at me and says, three more weeks!

 On my wishlist:
This gorgeous necklace (and oh... about 5 more like it!)
Even better yet if you use code SPRING15 you get 15% off your order
in the shop! {today only!}

Last but not least, on my mind is the excitement of getting a ticket today
for this awesome blog meetup in Portland this summer.
Any other fellow bloggers going too? If so, see you there!

That's it for today! Did you pull any good April Fool's jokes this year?
(or fall for any? ;-) )
What's on your mind this Monday? Do tell!

p.s. I always love to get new Bloggy friends! Follow in GFC or the Linky tool and
I will be sure to follow you back! Always fun to meet new bloggers out there :)

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  1. I hate that helpless feeling when a little one is sick! I hope he feels better soon! I'm thankful in not the only forgetful mama-sounds like me to paint just one had with polish!

  2. SandyslittlecornerJune 22, 2012 at 1:22 AM

    I remember those days of ear infections with all 3 of my boys. Not the funnest, but it was the best time to cuddle with them.  I hope your baby boy is doing better! Take care!
    BTW- great April Fool's prank..very appropriate and funny!

  3. It really is the best cuddle time!

    I finally had to pull my status because people didn't realize it was an April Fool's Joke! Oops! :) It was funny though! 

    He is doing much better today! Thank you :)

  4. I write and maintain a blog which I have entitled “Accordingtothebook” and I’d like to invite you to follow it.

  5. love finding PNW bloggers! 
    and that chicken penne looks amazing. 
    great blog!
    xx jes, newest follower

  6. You have such a cute little family! I'm looking forward to catching up on your posts and seeing you at the meetup in June! YAY!

  7. You have such a cute little family! I'm looking forward to catching up on your posts and seeing you at the meetup in June! YAY!

  8. me too!!! Something special about living in the same region of the country. ;-)  Following back!
    That recipe is now on my menu plan for next week! I almost changed this week's menu.. but I'll be good! :)

  9.  Aw thank you! Yay can't wait til June!!!


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