Bits of Sweetness: Plan B

Plan B

We had plans today. Nothing that exciting really. But plans nonetheless. Started out with a bubble bath (the best way to start your morning!) 
 Then we got to watch our neighbor's friend's adorable son. Which is great practice for Andrew having a little brother soon! Gabe was being such a snugglebug! I can't say I minded! After that, it was off to get a stroller. (I've been keeping an eye out for a Baby Trend Sit n Stand since Andrew is way way too active for a typical double stroller. He changes positions like every two seconds so getting him in an out & in and out, in and out is not really my idea of peachy keen :) ) Anyways, I had seen one of these on Craigslist for only $45, which is a great deal if you know the stroller! (Starts at about $125 for the basic model and goes up from there!) I'd already had to reschedule meeting the gal about three times due to our fun garage flooding incident, so I was glad to be finally meeting up to look it over. Except they weren't there. And then found out that, oh, yeah, by the way, it doesn't have the carseat adapter. But we could probably find it online. I checked. Didn't find it anywhere (at least from my phone. But I wasn't going to spend the money and end up stuck with a useless stroller!) So, we canned that idea. 

Plan B
I realized that we were really close to the Marine Life Center which was on the top of our cool places to visit, and although we'd never been there before, I decided since I had the entire day off, it would be fun to venture there. Followed the GPS directions and... spent the next twenty minutes doing u-turns, swinging in and out of parking lots trying to find this place. (Can you say no signage for it?! Except for the plaza sign. Oiy!!) I was about ready to leave. (Can you tell my patience is just super?!) Then thought, oh whatever. Let's try to find this silly place. You know Andrew will love it. Finally did. (Two parking lots back and forth two times later....). It (thankfully!) did not disappoint! (And it was free!) They had a big pool, touch pool, and two aquariums. There was lots to see!  
Big observation pool with crabs, sea anemones, huge starfish, and coho salmon!

Pretty starfish in the touch pool
Huge starfish in the observation pool. There was a cool purple one too!

Great big crab hiding under some rocks in the big pool. 
Andrew got a kick out of that!

Pretty green sea anemone

Hi Crabbie Crabbie!

Apparently we had just missed an octopus being there!
Maybe next time!
(Did you know the Pacific Northwest has some of (if not) the world's
largest octopus? They live way down deep though. But still pretty cool!)

Rain can't keep his smile away!!

We had some more fun at McDonald's afterwards (at Andrew's request!)
then spent the next couple of hours getting all the things we needed to make 
Andrew's new bookshelves! 
Josh was sorry he missed out! (he was working)
 Next time we'll have to bring him along!
And, we most definitely will have to make a stop at my favorite 
bagel place for some of their chocolate chip cream cheese on a warm toasty bagel.

Here's to a successful Plan B!!


  1. im from makin memories of US ! the bagels sound mmm delish!

  2. Mmmm I LOVE bagels!! What's your favorite kind? I LOVE the cheese ones! The kind with TONS of cheese melted on top. Mmm. And of course anything with fruit cream cheese or just toasted with a little butter and plain cream cheese. Mmmmm!!!

  3. Just be sure if you do that you know that it's right behind the port of Bellingham offices in front. It is a big room part of some other offices and stuff but has a sign by the door. It's fun!

  4. I need to take the kids there!! 

  5. Sounds like a fun plan B!  Mmmmm BAGLES!  I have HUGE bagle cravings (must be slathered in LOTS of cream cheese) right now.  I may or may not eat up to three a day *ahem*.


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