Bits of Sweetness: Short and Sweet

Short and Sweet

Today's post is short and sweet, but one I wanted to share.

This is a picture Andrew painted for a young man at our church.
He is disabled and has a disability. 
The labelers in life would call him "different"
because he doesn't look "like everyone else"
and can't really communicate much.
But digging deeper than the differences,
you would discover that his name is Ron and he is a sweetheart.
He cares about people.
Andrew noticed Ron at church the other day.
He smiled and waved at him, many many times.
He thought Ron was sticking his tongue out at him,
and giggled and giggled because to a 4-year-old boy,
it's pretty funny to stick tongues out at each other!
I told him that Ron wasn't sticking his tongue out,
but that his tongue muscles didn't always work right,
and sometimes his tongue just came out.
He said, "Oh! Ok!"
And continued to wave and smile at him.
Yesterday, Andrew decided he wanted to paint a picture for Ron
"To make him smile SO big Mama!"
So paint a picture for him he did!
"It's a rainbow Mama, because rainbows make you happy!
And Ron will be happy!"
I want to teach him to show love and have compassion,
for the ones society does not want to be seen with,
the "lesser ones"
the ones they deem as "not likely to succeed"
the ones that don't have any benefit them
yet the ones that Jesus challenges us to love the most.
I love that he has such a sweet tender heart.
I pray that he will go far with it
and one day realize how much fuller life is when you live it 
to love others, more than yourself.


  1. That is the sweetest thing ever!!  What a beautiful little boy you are raising xo

  2. wow your son has such a kind heart already and this post really made smile! You must be an amazing mom to raise such a wonderful son!


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