Bits of Sweetness: Thankful Thursdays

Thankful Thursdays

I love doing these posts. It is such a great reminder to stop
and appreciate the little things in life...
and then realize what huge blessings those "little" things are.
It's not some opportunity to brag. Or to try to make others feel bad.
But rather, a reminder to look for the little blessings in your own life.
It can be easy in the world of blogging to get caught up in trying to impress.
To try to stand out. To try to get a few more followers.
But really... it's not about that at all.
It's about simply writing. Simply enjoying life, and
writing about its good moments, and the harder moments too.
Just a reminder today to just be yourself and not worry
about numbers or what people think, or how impressed they will be.
Just be you. Be thankful for you. There is only one!

What I'm thankful for this week....

Four months of pregnancy that have been fairly uneventful.
No more blood sugar issues for the most part!
I'm thankful to be able to stand more! Life's little things
that you surely appreciate more when you can't do them!
I'm thankful for getting our gender ultrasound appointment moved closer!!
For whatever reason, we got the world's most stubborn medical assistant
appointment scheduler. She was dead set on  waiting until 20 weeks.
No less. No followup ultrasound would do.
Add to the situation that Friday is the only day that Josh and I are both
free to go to an ultrasound together. I tried to get it for this next week,
but, to make it even more complicated, our midwife wanted to see
me before the ultrasound, which meant waiting until the Friday after 
the doctor appointment to get an ultrasound.
Appointment was on the 23rd. Ultrasound wouldn't have been until the 27th.
I realized today, hey why not change the dr. appointment to next week 
right before this next Friday?! So I called, and thankfully did not
have to talk to the stubborn assistant. We got the dr. appointment
switched to Thursday the 19th, which is just a few days before 20 weeks.
Which means, we get to do the ultrasound this next Friday!!!!! :D
{Ok ok so that might sound silly... waiting just a week
but believe me. When you're pregnant, a week is forever. ;) }

More thankfulness...
I'm thankful for....
 Organized closets!!!
I was sweet and even labeled them (mostly for the hubby's sake in finding things but 
to make it even more organized too so medications don't get put
back in the wrong container!)

This was such an inexpensive little project! 
Cute containers= $1 each at Target right now (and in blue, green, white & black!)
Labels= free! (cute font is from
I "laminated" the labels with tape.

Ahh one more thing off my organization check list. 
Isn't it so easy to just let things go, especially when you hardly ever have to look at it?
Yeah.. I am so guilty. There were medications I threw out from 3 years ago...
Anyways.... moving on....

I'm thankful for Lysol. And strong-spraying showerheads.
We had a um.. fun.. incident in the bathroom.
Poor Andrew didn't quite make it....
One of those times you decide laughing is just so much better than yelling
because wow.... just.. wow...
Thankful.. so thankful for a good washing machine too!! ;-) 

I'm thankful for good music.
Today's favorite is in the blog playlist- Mat Kearney.
From the Northwest, nonetheless!
I first fell in love his song "Nothing Left to Lose"
but now love all his music. "Runaway" is a current fave. 
Hence its position on the playlist!
I really need to put his cds in my car tomorrow!

 I am thankful for rain. It is a bold contrast with painted toenails and flipflops.
{Guess who didn't check the weather forecast today? :) }
{Raindrops on roses}
Thankful the rain is supposed to go away this weekend though!!!
Seattle here we come!!!

I am thankful for unexpected humor in Target's jewelry clearance.
{ha. yes. in honor of my hunting-loving friends.
Really though.. I wonder who would wear that thing?!
No wonder it was on clearance! :) }

I am thankful for amazing tacos
{$1.19 authentic wonder- little lime, onion, cilantro, green sauce & corn tortillas=
pure heaven! Mmm!!}

And saving the best for last. 
I am thankful for my brother.
My "little" brother {who is a good 5 inches taller than me now ;-)}
Growing up we loved to bug each other.
But now? We are best friends. I love that.
I am so proud of him for graduating boot camp with flying colors.
I am so thankful to be back in communication with him!
I love letters. But there is nothing like being able to 
send a text message and hear back right away 
or call him and hear his voice.
I am so proud of the sacrifice he is willing 
and wanting to make for our country.
But most of all, I am thankful for him. Who he is to me.
I couldn't be more proud of who our son and new little one have as an uncle.
He's the best.
Love you brother.

 What are you thankful for today?
{p.s. any good suggestions on getting the baby to move the day of the ultrasound?!
What a bummer it would be to have to wait another week!!!}



  1. YOu have a lot to be thankful for, but I know waiting for that ultrasound is difficult. I see a few suggestions to drink coffee or soda before the U/S. I drank a little coffee and orange juice but then waited for over an hour in the waiting room for my appointment. To which - my baby fell asleep. Luckily, this made it easier on the tech to take measurements and see gender, but I would have loved to see her move around a bit. I've also heard to do jumping jacks. :)

  2. You are welcome! And thank you :) It used to be a taco stand and they moved it inside a store. Still soo good!! Mmm. Just a WEEK until that ultrasound!!!!

  3. Haha we'll see! I don't want it too crazy or it can be hard to tell! lol

  4. Hehe I bet the baby was going crazy! I think I'll try cold water and see if that works. Maybe some activity before or something too ;-)

  5. Hehe I bet the baby was going crazy! I think I'll try cold water and see if that works. Maybe some activity before or something too ;-)

  6. I ate a Poptart and drank some cold pop before the ultrasound.  Baby was going crazy!  If you want to be healthier I think really cold water would work too.

    Cute post!

  7. Just drink some juice or eat some candy or drink a little coffee and the baby will be crazy during the ultrasound LOL. 

  8. beautiful post. thank you for linking up <3 I LOVE authentic cheapie taco's... did you buy them at a stand? and yay for getting your U/S moved up!

  9. Hi lovely!
    Thank you for joining in on Thankful Thursday! You rock <3
    Your blog is so darn cute! Love your layout :) I'm following you on GFC and I think I found you on Instagram too! (I'm cbilly!)
    So happy to hear that your 4 months so far have been nothing but wonderful! What a blessing that is :)
    Your brother is so admirable!!! And a little cutie pie, too!
    Homemade tacos are the best. YUM!!
    Mat Kearney rocks my socks. Loving your playlist :)
    Ok, sorry for the long comment..ha-ha!! Have a spectacular Thursday! And yay for  new friends <3


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