Bits of Sweetness: Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

We went on a walk tonight. He wanted to wish on a dandelion. "I'm making a happy birthday wish!!" 
It was so sweet :) I'm thinking these walks should be a daily after-dinner tradition!
Not only are the walks good exercise but the moments together are so precious.

It's a good opportunity to appreciate the little things in life through Andrew's eyes
{he kept that little blossom in his hand the entire rest of the walk
and made sure it was protected!}

There is something so beautiful about taking the chance
to do the little things, like watching the planes go by....

So refreshing!



  1. Thank you! Can you believe it was a last minute picture? It ended up being a special little moment!

  2. Mary Gene AtwoodJune 22, 2012 at 1:22 AM

    Love the two looking up shot. Very sweet.

  3. An after dinner walk WOULD be a great tradition! 

  4. He seems like the sweetest boy ever! I love all the pics, but the first one is my favorite! Who can resist blowing the seeds off and watching them float across the yard :)

  5. You're welcome :) It's ironic- I have a nice camera but more often than not I find my cell phone is what's with me. I'd say it still gets pretty good pictures!! Yay for instagram and for being able to capture the sweet moment!! :) Thank you for stopping by :)

  6. Oh these photos are so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :)


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