Bits of Sweetness: DIY Beautiful bird bookmarks

DIY Beautiful bird bookmarks

It's been a while since I've made a craft post! 
This is a good one :)

I love diy crafts, especially the kind that can be given as gifts.
There is something especially satisfying about hand-crafting something,
knowing the delight the recipient will have in receiving and using it.
I wanted to make something special for my Grandmother's birthday this year.
It had to be pretty, not take very long, and cost less than $5.
I found this idea on Pinterest and was instantly inspired to make my own.
My grandparents love birds. They have a life-long list that is quite extensive.
In fact, they just recently returned from a birding trip to Arizona where they saw
more than 20 types of birds they had never seen before. 
I thought a bird bookmark would make an appropriate gift 
as my grandmother enjoys reading as well.
This made such a beautiful gift and I am looking forward to sending it to her!

Bird Bookmark
Here is what you do:
Supplies: bird-colored cardstock
bird photos
  pencil (with a good eraser)
Xacto knife
thin cardboard to cut on
First find some good bird pictures using Google image search,(you want a good side view)
then print them in a 4x6 size on computer paper.
{Photo courtesy of  Walls of the Wild}

 Cut out your bird (don't worry about the feet, they're too thin for a bookmark)
and trace onto your cardstock. Keeping the bird picture on top of the cardstock,
use a pencil to imprint the details and lines onto the cardstock.
(Don't worry about every detail! Just get some of the main lines)
To make the bookmark part, you'll use some of the wing, tracing a curved notch into it.

Remove the bird photo and use your pencil to gently trace over the lines
so it's more visible for cutting (note the gently tracing because the pencil lines will be erased later)
You can see the shape here for the notch for the bookmark section. 

Cut out your bird with scissors, then use an Xacto knife to lightly score the detail lines
and make cuts for the parts that you want to cut out.
{Cutting in progress}
I make a slight football shaped cut for the parts I'm cutting out. 
It doesn't take much of a cutout to add details!

Finished bird

I made a sparrow and a bluejay. I love how the little sparrow looks,
so sweetly holding the reader's place in the book.

Here are both of the finished bookmarks.
 I love how they turned out! I can't wait to send them to my Grandmother!
I hope she loves them!


  1. Thank you! They were fun to make and I love how they turned out!

  2. These are so cute, Laura!  What a great idea. 


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