Bits of Sweetness: Free nursing covers!

Free nursing covers!

Funny story: A couple months ago, I got a great deal on a nursing cover. It was pink.
I totally took a chance on getting it, *hoping* that maybe getting it
would mean that we'd for sure have a girl! (Silly, I know!!)
Well guess what? It's definitely not a girl!!'
For some reason, Josh is just not going for the idea of using it with Adrian!!
So, I was excited to see this deal in my e-mail today!!
You can get a FREE nursing cover (just $11.95 shipping)from Udder Covers
if you use promo code "CCMOTHER" at checkout! (These are normally $34.95!)
I am LOVING the prints!! And, they are made of 100% breathable cotton, 
can be machine washed (!!), have a D-ring that allows for easy-adjusting, 
and are made with a rigid neckline to allow easy eye contact with your sweet little one.
{I ordered this one!I love the soft colors and the print!}
{This one would be darling with a little girl!}
You can also use the promo code with their 3 piece gift sets that include nursing pads,
the Udder Cover, and a Milk Bands bracelet that lets you easily keep track of 
what side you last nursed from & how long,easily from your wrist!
These are normally $40 but if you use the promo code you can get a set for just $5 (+ shipping)!

Head over to Udder Covers to get this great deal! It probably won't last long!


  1. Oooo, yes, these are nice.  Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oooo, yes, these are nice.  Thanks for sharing!


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