Bits of Sweetness: On surprises in life

On surprises in life

I found out today that the last nanny job I had was going to be no longer. Starting today. They had a great opportunity come up for family to watch the girls. This being on the heels of my first nanny job ending this last week with a job transfer for the family. It's hard to say goodbye. Harder so unexpectedly! Not to mention hard to have no income all of a sudden.
{Although, I did apply for unemployment but we shall see what comes of that.} And, Josh found out his hours may likely get cut at work. (They're already part time.) Me finding a job isn't really that easy because I am only available for three more months until I'm due, and I can't stand long at all due to low blood pressure (Yeah.. fainting is not fun at all!) I like to know. I like to know what's going to happen in life. And to adequately prepare for it. I like to make sure everything will be ok. This definitely does not fall into that at all now, does it?!
Oddly enough, you know what? I don't feel any anxiety or worry. None. All I have is peace. It's not like some naive "Oh everything is just going to be perfectly peachy!!" kind of "peace" but rather.. a feeling of calm, even though I know it doesn't make sense and I know we don't know what will happen or where the income will come from, or if unemployment will work out. I think of all the things that we do already have and I feel so incredibly blessed. We might not know the answer to all these unknowns but I do know that-
*we have a place to live (and it works just fine for us)
*we have all our bills paid and can pay them for the next several months
*we have plenty of food in the fridge (even if I am uncreative with what to make)
*we have clean clothes, and a washer and dryer to produce more clean clothes (even if they mostly sit in folded mounds not put away mingling with the ones yet to be washed, resulting in mass laundry needing to all be done because I am then confused about the status of clean or not!)
*we have clothes to wear (and they even don't look too bad!)
*we have reliable cars to drive, with gas in them (even if they aren't the newest cars)
*we have so many things we can do together that don't cost anything
*Andrew has been blessed with so many toys and clothes and books

We are not lacking. Despite the unknowns, I am at peace.
And, you know what? I am thankful for the chance to have to trust God. I like to make sure all the bases are covered. But, if that happens, then there is no opportunity for God to provide where there is a need. I am looking forward to seeing what He works out. And how our faith grows during the next few months.


  1. Wow. That would be hard. It's amazing the things we can read at just the right time. I feel so honored & humbled that it would be *my* blog post that would be that! But I am thankful my words were able to help. (Hugs)

  2. Laura, I was meant to end up at your blog today and to read this post.  All my work for this week got cancelled and peace has been what I've needed as my perspective.  Thank you for sharing!  I needed this word!

  3. Thanks! Tomorrow I'm going to drop off an application for the local school district to sub so hopefully that will turn up a couple jobs even though there's just a month or so left of school. Usually my photography starts picking up this time of year too! so that is really nice!
    It is hard saying goodbye to the kids. Not as hard as it might be for some though since I've worked at a daycare and kindof just got used to the kids leaving at any point (unexpected job transfer, job ending, etc).Still though the memories! I will miss them!

  4. Oh I hope everything works out for you guys!  I like how you feel at peace with it, a good sign that it will all work itself out.  Sorry to hear about your Nanny position ending :(
    It must be hard to say goodbye to the kiddies.


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