Bits of Sweetness: Our week in photos

Our week in photos

Even though it's been rainy, I thought it would be nice to add some more color
to my spring & summer wardrobe (plus I really am in need of some more maternity tops!
Two great reasons to go shopping, right?!)
I am doing the May Photo a Day challenge this month
and have actually gotten a photo every day!
(I'm posting it on instagram if you'd like to follow along!
My username is lrailing. You can see my feed here too)
Friday's theme was "fun!" I would normally do a picture of Andrew,
 but he was (and still is :(  ) under the weather and not up for tons of fun.
So, time to be creative. While shopping, I was struck by how many pretty fun colors
and patterns are in this year. I found this summer top and thought it worked well for the "fun!" because the color is just so vibrant & fun! {I love the stitching on it too!}

I was also glad to find this light, comfy summery dress.
{It'll be perfect when I'm about 8 months pregnant in August when it's warm!}
{It's a Juniors medium dress! Can't believe I fit into it! 
And it was only $6.99! Nice & stretchy for growing too!}

The few nice days we had this week we were outside lots!
We did some sidewalk painting
{Recipe: 2 TBS cornstarch + 4 TBS water + 6-8 drops food coloring! Mix well! 
For more do 1 part cornstarch to 2 parts water}

And then the kids decided this was a great way to help the littlest one get around!
It was hilarious because they didn't quite get the whole steering concept
 so they would push the walker right into the fence! A for effort though right? ;-) 
{Team effort yo!}

One of the May Photo a Day challenges was "skyline." 
We don't have any skylines nearby so this is what I came up with!
Andrew saw it, and immediately said (without me telling him),
"That's the Space Needle! And that's Seattle too!"
Smart kid! It is one of our fave places to visit!
He loves the train by the Space Needle (Monorail)
so we now have all the more reason to visit!

Andrew is all about writing these days (or pretending to write), and trying out his letters.
The other day, I found this on the kitchen island. 
 Apparently it's instructions for us to not go into his room.
Why? Because the carpet might rip open and a "hugest dark black hole will appear,
like in Star Wars with the emperor! You would fall into it! You have to be safe!
These are the instructions for you!"
 Ha! What a kid!

I found some treasures this week at a local grocery store
that had two carts full of clearance stuff.
All of this (and 2 bags of coffee, not pictured) for $14!
Cast iron skewers: $3.99
Organic graham crackers: $1.50
 Organic/local jams & preserves:  $1.39 each
Coffee: 50 cents each
Milk: 39 cents each
Seriously I was stoked to find what I did! 
If you haven't shopped the clearance section of your grocery store, you're missing out!
 You do have to keep an eye on expiration dates but you can find some great deals!
We had fun using the cast iron skewers for oven kabobs

Andrew's been under the weather with a fever {again! :(  }
It's been high (102+) even with Tylenol & ibuprofen every few hours!
So, we've been doing a lot of relaxing.
{Watching Puss in Boots, one of his favorites. He's on his 3rd time today!}
 I took him into the doctor today. Apparently it's pretty normal 
for kids to come down with a lot of fevers. 
And, I guess "high fever" isn't until 105 for his age group. 
Doctor's prescription?
Lots of popsicles!
Andrew was excited to find rocket shaped red,white & blue ones!

Here's to hoping recovery comes soon!

Happy weekend!

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  1. Thank you! :) I think the popsicles finally did the trick! He is doing much better. Still a little emotional and tired but I don't mind giving extra snuggles

  2. Gina @ Gigi Marie PhotographyJune 22, 2012 at 1:20 AM

    Awwww- sorry your little guys was under the weather. Hope he's feeling better. 

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