Bits of Sweetness: Oven Shish Kabobs

Oven Shish Kabobs

I love grilled food. There is something so summery about it!
The flavor and the smell of it cooking is like nothing else!
Two problems: 1) we don't have an outdoor grill &
 2)it's been raining. A lot. Almost every single day.Grilling outside wouldn't be fun.
Enter in my solution:
Oven shish kabobs. 
I found the cast iron skewers on clearance for just $3.99 and have been having all kinds of fun thinking up ways to use them. Tonight we had parmesan red potatoes & stew meat with a steak marinade. It was good. Everyone cleaned their plate. {Except for Andrew who didn't like "those green things on my potatoes(thyme). Wash them off Mama!! I don't like them!"} 
Definitely a meal I will make again! Next time I'm thinking of doing terriyaki ones with pineapple & peppers for Josh because that is his most favorite kind of food! Mmm...! 
I love using the pan like that because a)it elevates the food to cook it evenly and b)there isn't any mess with the food sticking or with the drippings!

What's your favorite way to do shish kabobs?


  1. I can't wait until we have a good grill! It will be so nice to be able to grill outside! it's such a summer time thing! One thing I love doing on the grill when I have a chance is pizza! It's really good!

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  3. We usually do them on the grill, because we do have one :)  When we didnt I did them in the oven but wasnt smart enough to put a pan underneath, good idea!


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