Bits of Sweetness: Time-saving tips for blogging photos!!

Time-saving tips for blogging photos!!

I was going to do this in another post but felt like it really deserves a post all its own! 
So, here you have it!

Have you ever felt like you wait forever for your photos to upload to Blogger?
I sure have. Sheesh- it seems like half the time that's what I do! 
And how frustrating it is when the very last photo will not upload, 
thus not uploading any of that batch?!
Blogger has the great new multi-photo upload tool, but "back in the day"
you were only allowed to do 5 at a time & you had to individually pick each one!
I remember going through and resizing my photos (which also took time)
to save time (ironic?!)
Time to end the madness!! 

Here are some ways to SKIP the long uploading process!!
I used to right-click images and do the whole "copy image" then paste it into the blog entry, but then I found out that if you do that, it makes your blog post html SUPER super duper long. (like, ridiculously so) and then only shows one blog post on your main page because of ALL the html. (It also won't always show the image in the future). SO enough of that. Here's a better way.

1)Photobucket. Upload your photos here. They upload very quickly!
If you have a smartphone you can install the Photobucket app
 and upload photos right to your account from your phone! It is so handy!!
And, if you look under "gallery" on your phone, you can also upload photos from instagram and other programs to photobucket so you have them all in one place. Just select "share" and then "Photobucket" once you install the app!
 When you have your image(s) uploaded to Photobucket, select the "direct image link" option under the photo. (clicking on the link automatically copies it for you) 

2) Copying the image link from any website. Do this by right-clicking on any photo (I do this for my photos on Facebook, on Instagram, and anywhere else I have them. For my instagram photos, I use statigram for an online feed I can access.) then look for either "copy image location" or "copy image link" in the right-click options. Select that. 

**Now here's what you do with your image link that you have copied. **
I used to do the whole writing in the html coding for the image code 
but you don't even have to do that!

*Click on the Blogger image icon (like you would to upload photos)
 but instead of choosing the upload option, look for the last option on the list to
upload from a url. Select this,
then paste your photo url and select "upload."
Select "add selected"
(sometimes I have to hit "add selected" 2 or 3 times because it doesn't catch on right away but it only adds it once for me)
Boom! Just like that!!

To add a caption, simply type one underneath your photo.
To make text smaller,select your text, then click on the T button in the Blogger editing bar, and choose "smaller". Selecting the text sets it just for that text. I do this sometimes with captions.
If I have photos in a post, I try to center the alignment for the whole post because it makes it more even.

**If you ever need to link a photo in your post, click on the photo, select "link" in the edit options (unselect it if it's already selected and select again) then copy your link from the page you want to link to, and paste it into the link for the photo!**

This upload url option saves me SO much time because I don't have to have the photo saved on my computer at all! This is SUPER handy if I am somewhere where I don't want to save my photos on a computer (like a relatives) to take up space. I can just upload my photos to Photobucket from my memory card, or just use my phone to upload mobile photos.

So there you have it. A couple of time-saving tips!
And, as for a great free editing site, now that Picnik is gone, 
I LOVE to use Picmonkey. You just drag, drop, and edit! SO easy!

Happy blogging to you all!


  1. Man, I just cant figure out much on the new blogger!  Spell check and how to make paragraphs totally escape me. 

  2. Man, I just cant figure out much on the new blogger!  Spell check and how to make paragraphs totally escape me. 


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