Bits of Sweetness: WIW: Wedding edition

WIW: Wedding edition

{What I Wore Wednesday, if you're wondering about the acronym! 
I've been meaning to do one of these for a while now, 
and what better one to link up with than with my wedding day!}

It was a day I'll never forget. The sun was shining. 
The birds were singing. I was about to marry my love.
{Again, actually :) We had a courthouse ceremony September 12, 2006 which is what we celebrate}
I couldn't wait.
I had everything all ready to go. Cute shoes.
{Which, for fun, I went with sparkly sandals. Made that decision so much easier!}
The dress was ready.

Rewind a few months first. Actually almost a year.
A friend and I had a girl day and went shopping just for fun at Dillards.
{We thought we were pretty cool stuff! Ha! lol}

They had prom dresses out, and just for kicks, we thought we'd try some on.
It was the ultimate teenage version of dressup!
I mean really. We were under no pressure to find something because neither of us
had an actual prom to go to, so it was nothing but fun!
There were lots of beautiful dresses. Of every single color you could imagine.
I happened to come across one that took my breath away.
It was white. And beautiful. And had little daisies with beading and vine details
across the front and cascading down the skirt to the floor. 
It even had a little train (because I am so short :) )
I was in love. I hadn't even been looking for the dress.
I mean really- we weren't even engaged yet!
So, it was a little surprising to be thinking, "THIS IS THE ONE!!!!"
But.. I was breathless.

I still couldn't really believe all this! I found my wedding dress
At Dillards. And get this- it was $150.
Really. My parents had quite the surprise when I came home that day!!
I don't think they even realized yet how serious me and Josh were then!
So imagine their surprise when I came home with the dress!
(Josh and I hadn't talked anything wedding related yet
but we knew it was likely!)

Fast forward ten months and a proposal later :)
Back to the beautiful sunshine and glorious day.
I was ready early. The day was off to a grand start.
Josh went to get a friend of ours, and left me with his '79 baby blue Chevy LUV.
The one that liked to not start sometimes.
It decided our wedding day would be a grand day to do this.
And, Josh was an hour away.
Cue the tears.

My parents came to the rescue! I'll have to find where the picture is,
but we took one of me in the truck, with the dress hanging up,
a look of desperation on my face.
"Get me to the church on time!"
{They did :) }
The rest of the day went pretty well!!
There were pictures.
{We went untraditional and had the guys just wear dressy clothes. Saved money but still looked good.}
And, just in case you're randomly wondering, my brother (behind Josh) and one of the guys were
ushers instead of in the wedding party. But we wanted a picture with everyone for fun. 

Yellow, purple & sage green were the colors of the day. 
{Thinking back I'm not sure why I picked those colors!
I guess at the time I really liked them!}

There were so many special things about the day-
having so much of our family be able to make it,
wearing the perfect dress,
a beautiful ring waiting to grace my finger
{That, I might add, Josh got for under $100
after getting oodles of discounts since he works at Penneys.
Is he amazing or what?!}
I was getting to wear the veil my mom made to match the dress,
and feeling so elated at the entire day.

{My dad and I making our grand entrance}

{My grandpa performing the ceremony. It was so special to me that he got to do this!}

{Just married! Josh's expression here makes me laugh every time :) 
I think he was smirking at one of his friends! }

Jewelry was all from icing! I fell in love with some of their formal jewelry!
What can I say? I love a good deal!}

{We were nice with the cake!}
I love this picture of my grandpa. He can be quiet, but has such a sense of humor too! 
He had fun helping decorate our car!

Looking back, I am surprised at the details I wasn't that into. 
Now if I could redo it (and, with a bigger budget!) I definitely would, just for fun.
{However, I wouldn't change the memories of the day!!}
After all, who says your vow renewals can't be amazing?!

It's hard to believe it's been five years since we said, "I do!"
They have been wonderful years though.
I am so glad I married my best friend.


  1. It really was!! I still can't believe they had it as a prom dress! Thank you for hosting :)

  2. Megan CrutchfieldJune 22, 2012 at 1:21 AM

    So cute!  Thanks for linking up!  That dress was a steal!

  3. It was a fun post to do! I still can't believe I found the dress there either! What a steal! I'm surprised they made a white prom dress. Who wears a beautiful white prom dress? lol But hey it worked for me!

  4. You could take them somewhere with a scanner (Walmart, Costco etc) and scan them to be put on disk. I'm pretty sure it's just one price for the disk and doesn't matter how many photos you put on it. Only thing is the time. Maybe pick out some favorites and just do those rather than all the pictures?

  5. I can see Randy doing that! It's the quiet ones you gotta watch for! ;-) What fun though!

  6. Thank you! We've always been really close and I'm their oldest grandaughter so it was very special that he was able to!

  7. I liked seeing your pictures! So cool that your grandpa married you, that must have been special. 

  8. PS Your quiet grandpa decorating your car made me smile.  Randy is the quiet type that has a random sense of humor.  At my sisters wedding he went a little crazy with their car and wrote things like "virgin s3x" and stuff all over it, lol!  It was funny :o)

  9. I love hearing about peoples weddings and seeing their pictures!  I was going to write a little wedding post for our anniversary (next month!) and would like to put pictures on.  Our wedding was before digital was cheap and popular so all our pictures are hard copy (we also dont have a scanner).  
    Anyway, very fun post!  Congrats of 5 years!  It keeps getting better <3 

  10. Aw, these are sweet pics; I'm glad you shared them!  I still can't believe you found your wedding dress at Dilliards.  You can't beat that price!  Go YOU!

  11. Oh, those pictures were so fun. I remember that day - Abigail & Aaron were SO excited to be in your wedding. I can't believe how little they look! What a special day it was. So happy for you guys, celebrating 5 years and expecting your 2nd son. love, Tami


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