Bits of Sweetness: 10 things I love about _____

10 things I love about _____

This week's 10 list is fun! It's fill-in-the-blank!

10 Things I love about being me
1:: Being fun-sized 
{according to my doctor I'm now 2 inches shorter than the last time I checked. 
When did this happen?! Oh well! Guess good things come in small packages right? ;-) }
2:: Being so random. {It comes in handy!}
3:: Traveling so many places in my lifetime and meeting so many different people.
Our world is beautiful and the wonderful unique people in it amaze me!
4:: Being blonde. Because really. Auburn just didn't work. 
I realized the amazingness of what I was born with. 
And apparently how many people would die to have blonde hair (that I don't get!)
5:: My love of thriller movies. I like being scared! Is that weird?!
6:: My love for my family & friends, and what I enjoy doing
to make their day, just because I can.
7:: My knack for being oblivious to important stuff. Ha!
8:: My lack of coordination. It makes for hilarious games involving any ball.
9:: My obsession with cotton-candy flavored things. Ohhmygoodness.
DQ had a cotton candy blizzard two years ago. It seriously needs to come back!!!
I almost got a cotton candy scented air freshener at Target the other day.
But decided my hubby might not want to be anywhere near my car.
{Wait... maybe not a bad thing?! Car all to myself?!}
10:: The desire I have to not fit into any mold. I am me thank you!
And as neat as trends are, I really just like finding my own groove
and not 10,000 other people's.
{Although sometimes I cave because some are just too awesome to ignore!}

So what are some things about you?!


  1. This is a PERFECT post! I love #10... so important!
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. i love this post! i am totally random and oblivious too and it most definitely does come in handy :) and a cotton candy blizzard?! sounds amazing!

    xx brie

  3. Great post! I love thrillers too! I'm a nut I guess!


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