Bits of Sweetness: 29 weeks of baby & a side of Andrew too

29 weeks of baby & a side of Andrew too

Just a few pictures (ok or a lot ;-) ) to celebrate being 29 weeks today! So hard to believe there are only 11 weeks to go (give or take!) Huge thanks to my amazing hubby for taking the ones of me. (I took the ones of Andrew :) ) He's not too a shabby a photographer sometimes!

 {SOOC! This totally captures Andrew and his personality!!
I've shot entirely in manual for about a year now. It is so nice to have made that transition!
It was a little daunting at first but it's amazing to be able to just know how to get pictures like the one above! I also adjust my color on the Kelvin scale- no auto lighting correct at all for this girl!!!}
{Sigh.Is it me or does he look so much older here?!}

{This kid is so clever! This is his way of saying he's 4 1/2, with his finger sideways}
{Cutest photography assistant ever! He was trying to get me to smile!}

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  1. You look amazing Laura!! Wow, 29 weeks, look at you in your tiny shorts :) I love the colour of your top in these pics, and Andrew is gorgeous!!


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