Bits of Sweetness: Chalk painting!

Chalk painting!

I thought I would share this idea since it's always nice to have an easy activity up your sleeve, especially on the days where the weather moves the play indoors. We like to call this chalk painting. And, it is pretty easy!
{Apologies for the cell phone pics! I totally love my nice camera but sometimes it has to take a break too!
And there is something to be said about being in the moment rather than worrying about capturing fantabulous photos all the time!}

::You need:: 
*Paper (the thicker the better. You can find a pad of thicker art paper at Dollar Tree!)
*Paper towels to put underneath the paper. It can be messy!!
*Sidewalk chalk (also at the dollar store. 
I noticed that Walgreens also had some for just a dollar in their summer section)
*Containers of water {the chalk won't color the water; you just need
enough containers of water for the chalk since it is bigger}

::To do::
Put several pieces of chalk in each container beforehand to get wet
(the wetter the better!)
{You'd think we were moving but nope! Just sorting all the baby stuff!!}

Take the pieces and paint with them, dipping them back in the water often!
The watery chalk creates a soft watercolor look.
This is where the thicker paper comes in handy since you're working with coloring
and lots of water! It looks really neat if you overlap the different colors a little.
Finished pictures: Andrew's on the left and mine on the right. 
Pretty neat, huh?
This is the perfect rainy day activity!

For more control over the drawing, try out regular classroom-sized chalk!

One outdoor idea we have been doing a lot is making chalk games.
Andrew's favorite is this one, drawing a path of shapes to jump onto.
Another I'll do sometimes is draw a crazy pathway for him to follow,
kindof like a snail-shell shape and all over, like a trail.
Pictures from our fun last night with our chalk game.
{Ending at the big super cool star!}
{Apparently chalk is good for coloring all over your hands with too!!}

There you go! Some fun easy ideas! Enjoy!

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  1. This is a very cool idea painting with chalk!  I'll have to try this out with my little one!


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