Bits of Sweetness: Favorites from the 90s!

Favorites from the 90s!

What fun. 10 things I loved from the 90s!
{Keep in mind, I was born in '87 so I was just a kid in the 90s!}
Here we go!

1:: Jelly shoes!
2:: Giga pets
(I had one that was actually shaped like a dog! I still have it around here somewhere!!)

3:: Full House 

4:: Watching Little House on the Prairie every single night & reenacting it too!

5:: Wishing I could get down the dance to "Just Can't Wait to be King" like all the cool girls

6:: Girls at school making a million of these and selling for like, 10 cents each!

7:: Baggy jeans fad

8:: Boy Bands!
(Why yes I do still know all their songs by heart!)

9:: Saying "Not!!" after everything

10:: Trolls!

SO what are your favorite things from the 90s?!

There are some things we definitely don't have to bring back!!
Like jean jumpers and curly shoelaces and all the hairstyles... ahh!


  1. AH! What a great list!  I loved giga pets.  And jelly shoes.  And I definitely still know all of the Backstreet Boys' songs by heart.  Oh the 90's...

  2. Saying 'Gag me with a spoon', or was that the 80s?  I'm showing my age!

  3. Lol you're not old ;) not by a long shot.

  4. Okay, these are so fun!  I had a troll, I was one of those girls that sold the bracelets for 10 cents and my favorite boy band was New Kids on the Block!  Wow, I'm old.  I was born in 76 ;o)

  5. Oooo jellies. So cute but gave the worst blisters and the worst stinky feet. LOL

  6. It's fun to see what things were highlights for people depending on where they lived or their age. I do have music! Music options are pretty limited now and most only allow you to use it if you play the YouTube video too so I just hide the player. Someday I'll get one made with controls and mp3 files I have. Technical stuff for you! Lol

  7. I had a collection of troll dolls - hair from all colors of the rainbow :) My favorite as a tiny one I had that fit on the end of a pencil. What a great list! Thanks for linking up!

  8. Hahaha I was thinking of doing a post like this, I had just googled troll dolls last week, ahh I loved those things!!  I loved The Backstreet Boys, and Full House :)
    I don't remember jelly shoes however, maybe I was too old for those by then, I was born in '77!!  I never realised you were so young lol
    Do you have music playing on your blog cause I don't know where it is coming from hahaha it's so nice wherever it's coming from lol


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