Bits of Sweetness: Fill in the Blank Friday & some letters too

Fill in the Blank Friday & some letters too

Yes, yes it's Saturday :)
But we were gone yesterday so, without further ado,
two of my favorite linkups in one- Fill in the Blank Friday & Friday's Letters :)

Dear Seattle, I love you, but Bellevue seriously has my heart too. I like that it's still "big city" but the pace is a little bit more enjoyable (for instance, the street traffic is not insane!) .
 I'll still come visit, I promise, but, my friend, you have a close competitor!
Dear PinkaBella Cupcakes, You had me at hello with your delectable offerings like this carmel macchiato cupcake. {We just had vanilla since Andrew + coffee=craziness ;-) but it was equally amazing!}
And, even more awesome? The fact that you donate 100% of yours tips to help
provide care for abandoned kids in the community. Way to go!
{Also, the owner is now on my hero list. They've adopted four kids!So cool!}
Photo courtesy of PinkaBella Cupcakes
{If you are now drooling over that picture, here is a similar recipe!}

Dear traffic, 2 1/2 hours to get home (normally way less than that!) is not my idea of fun.
Today we are just staying home and having a family day. Because, I am so done driving after yesterday!
Dear Pinterest, What would I do without you to find awesome ideas like this?

Dear local movie store, Finding out that all the non-new movie rentals on the floor are 5/$5 all the time?
So awesome!!

Dear Andrew, You'd think we never fed you or something.....

Dear Amazon, I love these rainboots you happen to carry!!!!!
And totally just ordered them. 
5-8 days is too long to wait though!!! Boo!
{Hey here in Washington, these babies are worn all year long so why not make it fun right?!
Although wait. I love the sun! Is it a bit ironic that now I just *might* be hoping
for a rainy day or two so I can have an excuse to wear them?!}

::Fill in the Blank Friday::
My favorite things about summer::
::campfires & s'mores
::flip flops, shorts & tank tops
::tan lines
::toes in the sand at the beach
::local farmers markets
::making fresh amazing salads
::bright fun colors in this year
::citrus treats (limeaid, lemon bars, etc!)

What do you love about summertime? What is your fave summer treat?


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