Bits of Sweetness: Fill in the blank Friday

Fill in the blank Friday

This week's "fill in the blank Friday" is a fun one with a prompt rather than blanks!
I love to write
It's a great way of documenting and preserving memories
in more than short-status form
It's a neat way to be able to share what's happening 
in our lives with our loved ones who live far away
It's a great way to share things I love, like photography
It's a scrapbook of sorts of our son's growing-up years. 
It is so much easier to do a blog post than a physical baby book!
I've already printed some of the letters on here and put them in our next son's baby book!
(I also love the photo book sites, like Picaboo and My Publisher. 
Easy easy mess-free way to make a scrapbook!!)
I also blog because it's a neat way to connect with far-away friends
(and meet some new ones too)
 who share similar interests 
whether photography, parenting, food stuff, or life in general!
And, it's just fun :)

So, how about you? Why do you blog?

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  1. Very well said with it all. I could not agree more :) Great post!


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