Bits of Sweetness: Friday's Letters

Friday's Letters

Dear blueberries, I could seriously eat the entire contents of your container in the course of today. I will try my hardest not to!
Dear neighbors, Really. Waking up to the sound of you yelling to your children, "TURN OFF YOUR (insert expletive) MUSIC!!! IT'S TO LOUD!!!" was quite the start to my Friday. I didn't even hear any music... ?! Might there be a better way to teach your children consideration of others? Like.. maybe starting with being a little bit more considerate of them? I am thankful I don't hear you more often!
Dear Target, Thank you ever so much for having your awesome ice cream sundae Playdough set $5 off this week!!! You are making some children very very happy today! As for your Doctor Fill 'n Drill... so I guess this is what kids this day are playing with?! Right.... I just see "fun" written all over that! Don't you?!
{I've never ever had a filling but my deepest regards to those who have and the shudders
you are having from seeing that lovely set of fun!}

Dear Josh, I think this week after watching our friends' two kids I really would not mind another one after Andrew. But um, that is counting on the fact that we won't instantly get 2 more right now!! Because that would take a little bit of transitioning!!! (and we would for sure need a bigger house and a yard!!) Really though, be thankful for all my years of childcare experience. They come in handy ;-) Although maybe I should wait until we see what Adrian is like!! Ha!!

Dear Febreeze, Thank you for making my kitchen smell amazing. I am in love!!

Dear Dad, I am so thankful for how much you love to do things with Andrew. Surprising him the other day with the trip to the beach with just the two of you was perfect and something he'll remember for a long time! Also, thank you for taking the time for sweet moments like this. :) {My heart totally melts!}

Dear Adrian, It's starting to get a little cramped in there! Not too bad but I am definitely feeling you move for much of the day now!! Feeling little feet and knees and elbows! The restroom is becoming my best friend. But that is ok. Because in just a few short weeks it will be over and you will be in our arms! {I cannot wait!!}
{29 weeks!}
Dear support band, You are the best $14.95 I ever spent! You give amazing relief and are pretty comfy too! Ahh.... I am in love! I love that you have two different adjustments for earlier in the pregnancy and later. And even better you aren't huge. Just one easy peasy piece! (You can find it here on Amazon.Make sure you select the right size. The link goes to the small one.)

Dear awesome cousin of mine, Thank you so much for the books you gave us for Andrew. There have been so many great bedtime stories as a result! This is his latest favorite! (It's a pretty awesome one at that!)

Happy Friday friends!!!! What was a highlight of your week or something you're looking forward to this weekend? Our youth group is running a firework stand to raise money for their awesome missions trip to Mexico to help at an orphanage there and we are volunteer working the stand throughout this weekend! Soo excited!!! It was a total blast last year! 



  1. love blueberries, febreeze and the cute baby bump!


    Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Fun post! Your Dad sounds like a sweet man! Love the prego pic and hooray for that support band huh?!

  3. Another cute idea for a post!! Love it! Will have to try it, but don't I always say that! ;) Have a great weekend and hang in there with that belly bump. Oh, how I remember those last few weeks!


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