Bits of Sweetness: In just a year...

In just a year...

It's interesting how many things can change over the course of just a year! 
I was thinking today about how different my life is right now compared to last year.
Some of the things that stand out?

Last year: I definitely wasn't pregnant!
This year: I definitely am!!

Last year: I had a job I loved as a nanny
This year: I was sad to see that job end and am a stay at home mama (for now)
 {But don't get me wrong! I totally love the stay-at-home-mama part!!! 
I never thought I'd have that opportunity quite honestly!}

Last year: Blogging wasn't really something I did much.
After all what is Facebook for?!
This year: I got back on the bandwagon and love to write!
I also love the Bloggy friends I have made since then! Where would I be without them?!

Last year: I greatly enjoyed the friendship of one of my best friends who I've known for years 
This year: She's since moved away :( It's been amazing though to see how God 
has grown the other friendships I have with friends who are in the area
but who I never really thought of as being "close" friends. 
Sometimes blessings are where you least expect them!

Last year: I hadn't quite decided what I wanted to do career wise
This year: I'm really wanting to go into the insurance field, 
and actually am looking forward to it!
(Now just to finish school!!)

Last year: I really hadn't thought much of adoption other than
 it was something neat for others to do
This year: I have found it's something I am rather passionate about.
And, how amazing the hubby is too?! Not yet, but someday we would love to adopt!

Last year: I hadn't yet ventured into shooting all manual with my camera.
There are the cheater semi-manual modes where you get to have it on auto for most of it
except for one thing you get to adjust. That was my safe zone.
This year: I have since totally completely switched to manual!
And while that initial jump was very scary, it was so rewarding!
Also: I stopped using the auto light setting. I now set the temp on my own
using the Kelvin scale on-camera! Pretty cool! 

Last year: I hadn't touched a piano in years
This year: I play often, most recently starting doing backup keyboard at church
I had forgotten just how much I loved playing! 
I also realized how much I'd forgotten! Like all the keys I used to know!

Last year: I had no idea who Jordan Taylor was.
This year: My life Youtube Subscription is now complete :)

Last year: Pinterest? What is that?!
This year: 1,580 pins later... :)

It will be interesting to see the changes next year brings!
For now though, I'm content with appreciating where I'm at right now. :)

{You can catch all the pictures we got in this post here}


  1. Oh I loved this post!! What a great idea for a post, I may have to borrow the concept :) I adored reading the comparisons, you truly amaze me, with the piano, the technicalities of your camera which I so need to teach myself, and 1500 something pins lol, holy moly! I agree with the friendship thing and I would also love to adopt...Great and beautiful pic my friend xo

  2. Love this post to look at comparisons. I think that way too when I look at Pinterest, Instagram & the blogging & professional opportunities. It's exciting to think of what might be around the corner. Love the sweet shot at the end-

  3. This is an awesome post! It's crazy how much you can change and grow in a year and not even realize it! I love that photo of you :)

  4. I love this picture of you and Andrew! It is amazing how much our lives can change in the span of a year.


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