Bits of Sweetness: Introducing Thankful Thursdays Linkup!!

Introducing Thankful Thursdays Linkup!!

I thought it might be fun to host a link-up. 
One of the easiest things for me to do is complain
I mean really, you know how many many things in life 
just do not mesh with the way I would like them to go?!
Um. A lot. 
I am way too guilty of complaining. 
A lot.
I find life feels a lot better when I choose to focus on the positive.
Some weeks, it seriously takes work.
A lot of work.
And the whole "highlight" of the week might be that I woke up and was breathing that morning!
Hooray!!!! Right?! :)
Ok really there's usually more.
Point being? It's good for the soul to find a reason to focus on the little things in life.
That add up to the big things.
That tend to help our focus cancel out all those annoying negatives.
So. Enter in Thankful Thursday.
I can't promise I'll have it every single week but I will sure try! 
I'll leave each week's linkup open until Sunday night so you have Thursday-Sunday 
to do up a post and linkup!
(It's always fun to meet new bloggers too! And to read thoughts from the current blogger friends I follow!)
Some weeks I might mix it up and give you a prompt along the thankful lines.
Or, just leave it totally up to you to just make a post for what you're thankful for.
Feel free to just use text or pictures too.

Here is the button! 

Like with everything I do, I put lots of thought into it!
Aside from the fact that a daisy is my fave flower,
I love that there are raindrops on the daisy to remind you & I that,
there will be rain in life. It's a given. But, do we choose to see the beauty
in the daisy that the rain lands on? Or just focus on the raindrops?

I'll keep my "Thankful Thursday" post short & sweet since the intro was so long :)

This week, I'm thankful for:
Spearmint candy. It's a total heartburn kicker! 
(Which, has been every night//all the time//no matter what I eat lately!!)
And, I love the candy, so it's a win/win!
Andrew never ceasing to make us laugh
Like when he decides to lick about ten feet of floss because he loves how it tastes!!

Impromptu Jamba Dates just because

New life
{Baby basil sprouts Andrew planted!}

Thankful for Andrew's unintended humor
(Like, guessing my tummy is going to be this big before Adrian comes!!)
(Nice huh?!)

And last but not least
things that make me laugh
because they are oh-so-true!!

So, what are you thankful for this week?
Leave a comment or better yet, write a lovely post,
and link up with the linky tool!!!!!
And, don't forget to add the button to your post! Makes it more fun for people to follow!
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  1. Thank you! I always link up to sites that sometimes do it,so I thought, why not just start my own up! Even more fun!

  2. Aw thank you! He IS cute, much to his advantage!! You know how hard it is to try to seriously deal with his not-listening moments when he gives us the cute faces he does?! seriously hard!! lol it makes for so many good memories though!! Thank you for stopping by!

  3. What a precious little family you have! Andrew is ahhhhhdorable! I'm thankful for my guys too:-) xoxo

  4. How sweet photo's , really and song's are beautiful and pleasant to listen to.<3 Invite to my blog.;D

  5. Such cute, adorable pictures! And the idea of Thankful Thursday is brilliant! Congrats!


  6. That is so so sweet!! What a great guy!

  7. I am thankful for my family, especially my husband and how hes willing to pitch in and help.  Exhausting week equals totally worn out tonight.  He had me go soak in the tub and watched all the kids while I relaxed.  SO. NICE.


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