Bits of Sweetness: Monday's Musings

Monday's Musings

The writing side of me likes to have a lovely title for each post. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes not. Perhaps today is a win. (And, haha perhaps it is also a day late! Oh well!)

This ended up being a memorable weekend! It rained. And rained. And rained some more. But we still managed to get some good stuff in!! In my last post I mentioned the beauty of being able to change plans, and how sometimes it's better to not let the kids in on every plan made because of that!  Well, this weekend changed around quite a bit from original plans to what we actually did! And, it's probably more of a good thing Andrew didn't know because although he is really great about changes, and going with the flow, some of the plans he would have been sad to miss out on, even though we had other fun things to do instead. 

Friday night ushered in fireworks to kick off our town's annual berry festival. This was the 75th year for this festival! (I love how many things like this we have! Our area is so rich with history and celebrates that!) It began as an effort from the local fire department to raise funds for new equipment by creating what they hoped would be the world's largest strawberry shortcake! While they now have individual servings, the celebration still lingers on!

Before the show, we set up "camp." We had stopped at a store to get a few foldup chairs since we somehow didn't own any yet! Andrew was pretty excited to find this one there! I was amazed they just happened to have kids Star Wars chairs with the small selection they had! My Star Wars-loving son (gets it from his dad!) was pretty thrilled!
We brought some of our favorite yummy snacks, like popcorn with Johnny's seasoning salt (so good!!) and some snickerdoodles and trail mix, but the concessions just seemed to call our names!
We were pretty excited to find hand-tossed fresh local pizza at one of the stands!
Andrew thought it was pretty good!
He couldn't wait for the fireworks to start!
The fireworks show isn't super long but it's perfect for us. Plus, I know the best place to park and be out in ten minutes after the show's over! You sure won't find that with a 4th of July fireworks show!

The next day we had planned to go to the parade for the festival and go to some activities in the park, but with Andrew's late nap, he was up until 1 am! So, we decided sleeping in would be a little bit better of a choice for all of us! And, I'm glad we did! Andrew slept in until 10! A rare treat!

Instead of the morning festivities, we decided to go to a local air show. I had forgotten that they had a special old plane there for the show. We were in for a treat!

First we stopped by the little gift shop and found something to keep Andrew occupied. He fell in love with this cool pump rocket!

{All these cool planes all around and he didn't really care!
 He just wanted to play with his rocket! And go to the bouncy house!
Is that seriously not how things with kids go?! ;) }

Josh was pretty excited to find a plane he got to fly for a little bit
when he was in 7th grade!
  {He loves planes and all things military. He could tell you just about every plane out there
as well as all the specifics! It was fun to share in the day with him}
After that we found the special plane they had visiting.
This is the oldest Boeing in the world. And, the only air-worthy Boeing 40.
It used to be a mail carrier plane back in the day, but crashed in 1928 
in the mountains nearby. The current owner aquired it for just a few spare parts with the promise
to restore it. Since then he's gotten 400 air hours on it!! We didn't realize it, but he
had planned on taking a few people up that day! It was pretty neat to see!
The best part was- we had no idea they were going to be flying the plane! 
The air show was ongoing most of the day, but,
we just happened to be there then when they flew this plane!

Afterwards, Andrew enjoyed some time with my dad while I got some homework done.
I got my first official (practice) CMS 1500 (insurance billing) form done!!!
It wasn't even a headache & I actually may have enjoyed (?!!) it. 
Which is good considering that's the field I'd like to go into!
I didn't get pictures of it, but that evening we had my dad over for 
raspberry/strawberry shortcake as an early Father's Day celebration.
Sunday we enjoyed a good day at church. Josh got the traditional GIANT chocolate chip cookie
that some of the ladies make each year for all the dads (and any men over 18, 
to include everyone who isn't a dad too;-) ) It is quite impressive the size it is!
Afterwards we enjoyed lunch at our favorite oriental restaurant with Josh's Dad & brother.
All in all a good weekend and Father's Day. I am so thankful for my own Dad.
He put so much meaning into being a Dad and I am thankful to 
still be able to enjoy that relationship even moreso today. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Thank you for the complement!! We kindof learn how to make things awesome even despite the rain because there can be a lot! Thankfully it's usually just a drizzle or sprinkles

  2. Thank you!! That was my aim with the editing! Which reminds me, I need to email them to the owner of the plane! I keep forgetting to! my husband LOVES stuff like that and it's fun to share in his love!

  3. Laura, sounds like you had a great weekend. Those pictures are just gorgeous!!! Like they came out of an old magazine. Love those old planes!!

  4. Sorry about all of the rain..but it looks like you still had an amazing weekend! <3
    Love all of the photos! oxox

  5. Ha yeah our NW weather is really cool. It wasn't that cold but it was raining . It's been in the low 60s sometimes 70s. Last summer we didn't even have summer until July with all the rain and cold!

  6. Sounds like a fun weekend!  Send some rain our way!  We need it desperately, can believe you guys are in jackets in the pictures.  Its HOT here.


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