Bits of Sweetness: On my summer wish list...

On my summer wish list...

Summer Wish List

This darling little necklace
Courtesy of  Thedandelionjewelry Etsy shop

These fun-colored stylish sandals from Penneys 
{They are only $18 for the month of June!!! And come in a bunch of other fun prints!}

A tall glass of this home-made white peach lavender soda

Courtesy of Pinterest
 Creative photos to document this pregnancy throughout the next 2 1/2 months
{Speaking of which, I am totally getting my sweet hubby to take some this evening for me! We'll see how it goes! It's one thing to take the pictures as a photographer but it's another to try to tell someone exactly how to do it! If they turn out I may post them on the blog. Maybe. }

Clean cookie sheets back to their shiny beautiful non-grease-spot state!
The trick: Washing soda. (Not baking! You read that right!) Look for it in the laundry section of your grocery store. (It was about $2.79 for a big thing of it at ours. Yellow box) It is very gritty and works amazing to get off grease with just a little work (but not much!) One pan is already back to its amazing original shiny silver state!!!! I just have to make the time to get the rest of ours cleaned! 

This neat diy art for our living room wall
Courtesy of Pinterest

These colorful wood bracelets  
{Just $10 this month at Penney's for all of them! Can you tell I'm a fan of my hubby's work? lol Their new pricing system is awesome!}
And last but not least-

Polka dot pedicure!

What's on your summer wish list?



  1. TOTALLY going to try the washing soda! Ive never heard of it but have a few pans that I was about to toss because of stains! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Washing soda, huh? I am going to have to try it too!

  3. Love all of these especially the necklace, shoes, and pedicure! So cute!

  4. I love the art, and that necklace is so cute!! :)

  5. Lets go shopping together! ;) Love everything on your list!!


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