Bits of Sweetness: Thankful Thursdays

Thankful Thursdays

What are you thankful for this week? 

My list this week?
*Snickerdoodles (especially the dough!! Also for cute dough testers!)
Caught him sticking his beater back in for more!

*Finding awesome thrift store deals, like a big wooden train set for $7.99!
And cute beaded wedges for me for $1.50 plus comfy Liz Lange maternity pants for $2.99, 
a ton of scarves for 79 cents each, and adorable little baby slippers for 60 cents each!!
Amusingly enough we didn't even find what we'd gone in there for in the first place!
*Reading this great book with my husband following seeing the movie.
It's really good. I highly recommend it! It's interesting to see what changes were made
in the movie compared to what really happened! like the fact that their names 
are totally different and the guy (Kim in real life) and his wife's father were actually
really good friends and hit it off well over baseball, and more amazingly, the couple
never got a divorce! It was tough and a long road but they stuck to their vows!
 Very fascinating read!
It has challenged us both in great ways.

*The beauty of realizing that some plans might be better changed, and that that is ok
(Specifically changing plans from going to a children's museum down south that has
a free night to just staying around here and going to a free day a local
Horse & Pony Farm has. Plans are fun. Being ok with changing them
because you know what you and your kiddos can handle is even better.
This is one good reason to not tell kids about plans too far in advance!!
Because, then when things change, you are the only one who knows!)
*Dinner last night- panko-breaded chicken with sweet/savory oriental sauce and fresh just-picked-that-morning sugar snap peas with a citrus soy glaze (thanks to Costco and Safeway for those sauces ;-) )
*No more heartburn right now!!!!! (I think I hear the angels singing!!!)
Got some aloe juice and these tablets and ohh man. I have been in heaven!

*Local farmer's market finds last night- sugar snap peas, pictured above too with dinner,
and fresh local cilantro salsa, both from the same farm!

What are you thankful for this week?
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I love reading your posts!

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  1. There are some small things I need but I'm going to leave them for the baby shower list. It's nice to not have much left though!

  2. Haha!  Thats funny :o)  I know right?  I think I got on at just the right time and snached them up right away.  They are super cute and in good condition too.  Do you have all you need for the baby?  I think Im *almost* there!

  3. Lol I just said "Whoa!" About the clothes deal you found and Andrew goes, "What?! What is it?! What is it Mama?!" Just clothes ;) that is an awesome deal though!!

  4. Im thankful for some swap site finds!  I got 7 onsies and a sleeper for 2.50! 
    and Safety on Sunday!
    I was going to try out those heartburn things but couldnt remember what they were called.  Still going to try them one of these days.  Im glad you found something to help, heartburn is the pits.

  5. So glad your heartburn has gone!  I will have to add that book to my list, maybe swap out the Rob Lowe bio, don't care THAT much for him lol
    I will have to remember this link up and join in :)


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