Bits of Sweetness: Thankful Thursdays

Thankful Thursdays

 This post is really good for me to do today.
Those silly pregnancy emotions are in full swing right now!
And, I tell ya. It would be really quite lovely to just list off everything I'd like to complain about.
Ohh yes it would! but.. um, that doesn't quite fit in with "thankful" does it?!

So, with a little work, my list for this week.

::Thankful for::

Making people's day. With sweet thoughtful comments, notes, emails, texts, etc.
I love doing it. I love when someone just happens to come to mind who I haven't written/texted/spoken to in a while. I love texting, but, is it just me, or does it seem like it's really easy to end up forgetting about texting quite a few people you'd really like to? :-S Or else, you're good at writing them, or so you think, until you go to send them a message and discover a reply or a message they sent days ago (or, even just a day ago) that you totally completely forgot to reply to. oops. So done that. I'm trying to make a point of every day thinking of some people I can send a message to who I sometimes forget to in life's busy-ness. (Now the key is to keep talking, right?! past the whole, "hey how is your day going? I'm thinking about you" Um. still working on the latter too!)

My husband who, lately, has been so good about sensing I need an extra hug or something. Not sure if it's the pregnancy giving off a certain message, because normally I have to tell him, and he's still pretty good about it, but there's really nothing like someone else picking up on a need, and taking the initiative is there?

Blueberry Mint Limeaid I found this easy little recipe over at one of my favorite blogs here and knew that it was just calling my  name. I didn't have a can of limeaid on hand but I did have a couple limes that just so happened to be ripe. Add some frozen blueberries, a little sugar, sprigs of peppermint, water and some ice? Amazing. Most refreshing drink I've had in a while. Even Andrew loved it! {Josh did too, minus any blueberries or peppermint in his drink. He has a thing with that ;) But that's ok! I love him all the more :) }
{Can of limeaid+1/2 c. (or so) of frozen blueberries+1 c. sugar+springs of peppermint+water! OR for an even better drink, squeeze about 5-6 fresh limes to make about 1 c. juice (to taste) You could also use (or mix in) lemonaid (lemon juice) too.}

Nice sunny days Our afternoon looked like this.

"Car wash going." Sprinkler on. Sidewalk chalk out (which, by the way looks really cool if you color with it on wet/puddly pavement/sidewalk!). And my best idea ever? See that green bucket? It is filled with bubble solution (+ a little dish soap and water to fill to the top). Bubble bucket. Because really, kids trying to hold bubble containers and simultaneously trying to blow bubbles just does not work. Most of the bubbles end up getting spilled. So enter my solution- Bubble bucket. Then everyone gets to join in on the fun! (it'd be perfect for a party!) You could easily save it in a tupperware container, or a big container like an empty laundry detergent one or something. We almost saved ours til a little someone knocked it over. That's ok though! :)

Long walks Especially involving going by a construction site on the way to the park. And gladly deciding to stop and let the kiddos watch for a good 10 minutes. Lots of neat equipment to watch!

Little friends

Complements & sweet thoughts Like the little girl above picking a sweet flower and giving it to me, telling me she thought I was beautiful. (I guess so?!)
Choosing {healthy} smoothies over coffee in the morning My days feel a lot better. Coffee just doesn't like me :( I sure love it! But I feel it the rest of the day. Lately I've been doing a lot of frozen spinach + OJ + frozen fruits + low sugar/plain  yogurt & ice to start my day (hey, you can't even taste the spinach!! And freezing it is a super great way to make it last longer!). SOo good. I would love to get a juicer someday and get some more vitamins and flavors into these smoothies! I have a citrus one which I love but that wouldn't quite work for things like celery ;-)

Finding everything I need for the unemployment job log audit I got a notice for today! Yay for saving info right?! Except... I didn't save everything I thought I needed to. Ooops. It ended up meaning looking all over for what jobs I'd applied for and trying to remember a few weeks back. Finally did though and got email proofs/screen shots all printed out. Ahh. Feels good. Take that unemployment office!!!  (still feel nervous!! Because they can be so picky!!)

Thanks to a friend's suggestion, calling my midwife and finding out that why, yes indeed I can bring jellybeans to eat for the glucose test instead of that lovely orange beverage! And actually they're going to let me do it at home so I don't have to be at the office an hour! Just like half and hour! Totally made my day!! So glad my friend mentioned asking! I never would have thought to!!

Letters from penpals Like the real deal!!! I used to write quite a few people often. But then e-mail happened and it was so convenient! But.. it didn't mean that we ended up writing more. In fact, we wrote a lot less. Anyone else miss the good old snail mail days?

Now, your turn to grab the button, link up and share some thankful love!
What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. Me either actually! Disqus is doing updates and it's messing everything up :(( Plus, it's harder to moderate comments. I am looking into just switching back to Blogger comments. SO much easier!

  2. It should be ok but you have to call the place ahead of time to work it out. Sometimes they say no but if they do say yes they may have you bring your own since they don't always have any!

  3. love the one about your husband. so sweet. and that drink looks delish!!! but i have to ask... you can bring jellybeans instead of drinking that nasty orange drink!?!? im not pregnant... yet. but i have a friend who would LOVE to hear this information!!!!

  4. You're soo good at this Thankful Thursday stuff. I've been trying to do this myself on my blog and just haven't been able to get to it. Of course I'm thankful for soo many things, but I can't seem to find the way to say it all...This will be my challenge for next week. Thank you for putting that out there for us to remember! Hope you're doing well.

    BTW- that drink looks absolutely heavenly. Will have to try it!

  5. (From!) I don't like this new Disqus business

  6. Woohoo...jelly beans..hehee ;)
    Yay for healthy go girl! I juice in the morning but..I still like my coffee :X
    Amen for compliments & sweet thoughts!
    I love everything you're thankful for..haha...lets just leave it at that ;) <3
    Happy Thankful Thursday!


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