Bits of Sweetness: Baby Bumpdate

Baby Bumpdate

Ok, is it just me or is "bumpdate" really quite cheesy?
Yeah? I thought so too...

Moving on...

I have yet to do one of those pregnancy question things and considering that Monday I will be 30 weeks, I thought it might be a good time to get on it! So, here you go :)

How far along? 29 weeks 6 days

How big is baby? Size of an acorn squash! 

Weight gain? Yes ;-)

Gender? Definitely boy!

Symptoms: heartburn, abdominal cramping if I don't take it easy, and low pressure that I can faint from if I'm not careful. Triggers? Too much sugar, too much salt. It's amazing how much of both are in foods!!

Sleep? Love it. However, it's not happening much these days with lots of school to get done and photography sessions to edit.

Food Cravings: Gummy candy. really good food like mashed potatoes, gravy & roast (which I also craved with Andrew!), slurpees, and anything that won't give me heartburn!

Movement: Tons!!!!! Goodness sometimes this kid feels like he is training for little league wrestling or a mini marathon!! I love it though, I really do. I know that all too soon I won't feel these movements any longer.

What I'm looking forward too: Holding him in my arms for the first time!! (And many times after! Especially the first few weeks! It just seems so incredibly unreal and amazing!) Getting through the birth hopefully with no pain meds (cross your fingers!! We are at a birth center this time! Which kindof scares me having no epidural there! But, I am pretty sure we can do it! I want to do a water birth if I can!)

Belly Photo: Yep :) One the hubby took recently. 

There you have it. Wasn't too painful :) 


  1. No meds? You're a brave woman, I hope you get your wishes...10 weeks will fly by!!

  2. You look beautiful! I loved your bumpdate :)

  3. Oh it's entirely cheesy! But I keep getting tripped up saying "bump update" so I stick with it anyway ;)

    You look great!

  4. That's a great belly shot. I have been feeling so much movement too- it's crazy.


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