Bits of Sweetness: Hello Monday

Hello Monday

On my mind today? This song. It was a great surprise to hear it being practiced at church today to prepare for introducing it as a new song of the month soon. One of my new favorites.  I could easily listen to it on repeat all day. Something about piano music and lyrics that are rich with meaning... Just wow... Listen & let me know what you think! Some of my favorite lyrics from it: 

"You're rich in love, and You're slow to anger
Your name is great, and Your heart is kind
For all Your goodness I will keep on singing
Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find"

That's the Jesus I love and know. I love to share that (note not preach that. Share that) with others because he really truly has changed my life in so many positive ways. (Read: positive, no guilt. Truly positive.) Not a day goes by that I don't think of some way in which my life has been and is enriched so much more
because of the relationship I have. Anyways, the song :)  

Also very very good is this one. No more tears someday. Imagine that. 

-Thinking a lot lately about kids and parenting and what it means to teach children, and what it means for them to learn. I'm discovering a lot along the way. (Like the fact that love and a gentle,firm spirit go really far when the child definitely does not deserve it. Gentle, firm, loving parenting can dissolve frustration in a child so quickly! It's the hardest to do though...) I'm learning that parenting is not always a piece of cake, but sometimes it's fun to make the best of it and make a yummy mess out of the frosting while we're at it (right?! ;-)  )

-On my mind as well is the bittersweet feeling I always have in finishing up a photoshoot. I am always a tad bit sad at being done editing the pictures, but at the same time, it's nice to accomplish one more photoshoot! (After all, I can't imagine editing the same one photosession until eternity. It might start to get a little bit old. Change and new are good!) Below is the finished disk ready for a client. Presentation is key! (That and good photos too, right? :) )

Also on my mind? My best friend (of almost 25 years!) who just married her kindred spirit, and true love this past weekend. I so wish I had been able to make it to the wedding! :( But, in thinking about it, we decided that the super high ticket prices just weren't going to work, and that a longer trip to see her and family early this next year would make more sense because the ticket prices were well over $100 less. (Ahh. Why does money have to be a determining factor for special things?! *Cue pout face*.) While I am sad I missed her special day, I am thankful for pictures of the beautiful equestrian Western-themed ceremony (so her! And perfect in every way!) and the chance to get to see her next year. You know the kind of friend you have been through so much with, who you can always count on to give you just the advice you need to hear, who is always there for you, who has shared the silliest jokes, and some of the best memories? That's our friendship. 

{Brittany and I last summer}

-Lastly on my mind? What a bad idea it is to go shopping while pregnant. I think next time I'm going to send Josh into the store for me! Because somehow, I did not just walk out with one thing of Sparkling Ice last night. Oh no. There were also Haribo gummy bears, gummy peach rings, Arizona Green Tea, and a few other things that somehow made it into our cart! (Ok guilty as charged :) ) What can I say though? I saved $13 with our wellness card and almost everything was on sale!! :D Maybe I should just stick to my fave snack of blueberries & vanilla bean yogurt?! 

Happy Monday you guys. Make it an awesome Monday. Pour an extra cup of coffee.
Find a picture in the clouds. Find(or make!) a reason to smile. Don't let Monday get you down! 

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  1. Mmm... blueberries and vanilla bean you say? Sounds yummy!!

    Visiting via the Monday Meet Up Hop :)


  2. Now following you via GFC through Monday Meet Up!

  3. Ah I love this post so's full of so many smiles..makes me happy!! :)
    Thanks for sharing that song with us - I LOVE new songs like that - don't think I've heard it yet :) Worship songs are all I listen to...currently, David Crowder Band on :)

    Presentation is surely key!! Come be my photographer :)

    That stinks you can't make the wedding...but it makes sense!!


  4. Well you DID save $13.00…
    Happy Monday to you too!

  5. You are always so uplifting. Someday I wish to be half the mom that you are! Half the woman that you are. Thank you for always being such a shine in a a dark world.

  6. Shopping while pregnant always makes you pick up the most random things:) Love the post, found you in the blog hop!


  7. I love Matt Redman as well. 10,000 reasons is one of my favorite songs. I agree with you parenting is def hard work. Being a foster mom hs taught me so much about myself and I've found patience I didn't even know I had. I love your blog :)

  8. Thanks for the BIG SMILE!
    Found you through the Monday Meet Up @ Covered In Grace
    FOLLOWING YOU! Hope you will hop by my little bloggy world! :o)

    Ramblings of a Southern Belle

  9. I just heart your blog :) P.S. thought you would be interested in the giveaway I'm hosting for Panera Bread!

  10. Happy Monday to you! This is one of my favorite songs. Actually love the whole Passion album. Blessings!


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