Bits of Sweetness: Just me...

Just me...

::outside the box
::always wanting to find a way to be unique, and not like everyone else (hence the reason you won't find me getting mint green shorts. I like the look but I don't like being like everyone else! However, I am kindof digging the bright-colors this year! Just maybe not neon neon)
::passionate about helping others, even if it means sacrifice on my part or not receiving the same level of favor in return. That's ok. I would rather bless others than be worried about also receiving
::lover of traveling. And airplanes & airports (haha ok yes go ahead and laugh. Who loves airports and flying in airplanes?! I sure do though!!! I have traveled from the time I was a baby and I love all the different things in airports-all the great food, all the fun little shops, all the different designs for each airport, people-watching, plus it says "going somewhere fun"!! And, as for airplanes? They've never scared me. I love the thrill of takeoff and the joyful feeling of touching down and arriving at the long-awaited destination. I love reading the cheesy in-flight magazines. Maybe I'm just weird? Nah.. I'm just me ;-))
::the little things in life are the most beautiful to my soul, and what I notice the most whether it be the beautiful sunrise, the pretty little flowers growing wild, the sweet song we sang at church, a kind word someone spoke, silly little things like something being a funny coincidence or bad joke. 
::I never notice the color of someone's eyes or what they were wearing unless I make a point of it. I notice their personality first and foremost. And, I surprise people with how far I can read into people. Sometimes though this stinks because not everyone wants to know the deep inner truth in their heart! ha! Ok not that I give you the "deep inner truth" but I am pretty honest and not everyone wants to hear things besides sugar-coated sweet )
::I'm not afraid to say what needs to be said. I've lost friends over this. And, it hurts. But, it's true too that sometimes you can't always be the popular person; the one everyone always loves what you have to say, because sometimes, as unfun as it is, people need to hear things. There is a time for everything though. And you can't just live life spouting off painfully honest things. It's good to let there be a balance and sometimes, people need to just learn things on their own; you can't force them to come to realize something, but I'm certainly not afraid to say something if it's really needed. 
::I appreciate the friends I have who aren't afraid to tell me what I need to hear. I've had a couple friendships where you always just never could tell where you stood with the person. It seemed like everything was fine, but sometimes, something would get back to you that they had "confided" in to someone else who had passed that on to you. And whatever that friend had said took you aback, like "wow. They thought that? Why didn't they just come to me?!" I appreciate the friends I have who will just come to me. Who won't put on a pretty face just so nothing has to be dealt with. I would rather my friends be honest and let me know that something I said kindof hurt than always wonder where I stand.
::I love blue. I have way too much of it in my wardrobe! 
::I also love flip flops. I would wear them all year if I could!
::I've picked up my husband's love for pineapple & olives as our fave pizza toppings. Which, I know my brother couldn't stand. Something about fruit not belonging on pizza ;-) That's ok!  To each his own!
:: Speaking of which, that is one of my favorite quotes- "To each his own"
::As is "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."
::I love thrift store shopping and also shopping clearance racks (especially Target's!!!) I am like the deal queen too. I almost always know where the best place to get a price on something is. (at least if it's something I shop for). Some of my best tips: stop being scared of shopping at a thrift store! People discard brand new things there and, a few washes can usually clean up something ;-) I have found some awesome awesome deals there!! (Hello Baby Robeez for $2.75!!!) Best times to shop at thrift stores are either on main holidays if they run half off sales or during the week when main colors will be half-priced. Best times of year to shop everywhere else: off season. I've found killer deals shopping at the end of the season when they are trying to clear out things for next season, especially at The Children's Place, JCP (JC Penneys), and Target. I actually don't use coupons much, and I probably should, but we just don't have the space to store a ton of stuff. Plus, did you know that Target clearances even regular products at the ends of aisles?! Yeah.. I've found great prices on clearanced toothpaste, hairdye, nail polish, etc etc.  Not to mention the clearanced carts one grocery store here has. (Hello organic jam for 59 cents!!!) 
::My problem isn't insecurity. Sometimes it's the opposite-being too secure & too independent! Yeah.. working on that... I forget that people like being needed! And it's good for me to have needs too. After all, I am finding I can't always do it all! And that is ok! There is beauty in community
::The kind of mom who seriously doesn't sweat the small stuff. Especially after working at a learning center for 3 1/2 years. I know you may be concerned but I can promise you that your child is find consuming the soap and paints. (I also had to chuckle. Because the parents would, understandably, freak out upon seeing their child licking a little soap off their hands. I chuckled because I was thinking, "Ohh goodness. And if you only knew the amount we caught them ingesting all day long!! HA!!! And yet they still lived to lick some more!!" ;-) 
::And last but not least, I love Oreos with peanut butter! So good!

Well there you have it. Some things about me, just for fun. Now tell me, what's something that makes you,you? :)


  1. We're a lot a like Laura! I LOVE blue!! I love finding good deals and a great thrift shop makes me really happy! Great post about yourself!

  2. Hey friend!
    I loved this post, learning a little more about you, you are a beautiful person :)
    I love flip flops (we call them thongs) the colour blue has always been a fave of mine and I love and adore spending time in airports too!! I totally get you on that one, the thrill of travelling, the dream of travelling, the people watching, the airplane food, just all of it!! So fun :)
    I can't pass up a good bargain either ;)
    Hope you have a great Tuesday xoxo


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