Bits of Sweetness: Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday

Technically now Tuesday. But oh well :)

Miscellaneous things on my mind this week?

1.The fact that it's 12:47 am and I think nothing of it. I'm usually up "late" with school, photos, or both. And, soon we'll be adding a newborn into the mix. I remember how hard it was adjusting from 11-12 hours of sleep a night before Andrew to just 1-3 after. I try to get in a couple really good long nights a few times a week and a nap here & there too. It's just life right now! And that is ok. I'm kindof a night owl anyways.

2. So is Adrian. He is almost always up from like, 11pm-3 or 4 am. And then sleeps until about 9. Honestly that schedule wouldn't be *too* bad. We'll see what happens!!!

3. I am really wondering what kind of baby he is going to be like!! Andrew's pregnancy was total bliss. Like no side effects. His newborn days completely made up for it. This pregnancy has been completely different! I've had many side effects. And Adrian is so incredibly active! (Andrew was more stretchy than bounce-kick-swimmy) I feel as if I have 4 1/2 year old Andrew inside me!
I adore finding his little feet. They are so sweet. 
 {33 weeks last week!}

4. I can seriously never make up my mind! I am terrible at deciding! I usually just tell people to pick whatever they would like (or else I ask them so they can decide, not me!) However, tonight, I actually made up my mind for some awesome wall art my cousin is making for me. Soo excited!! I feel so blessed that she would want to do it. And, really, I still can't believe I made up my mind. I hardly ever do that with hard choices!

5. Sometimes I have a fun side. (Especially when I find things for $2 on clearance at favorite craft stores!!)

6. I can't believe a friend of mine wanted me to do pictures of she and her son, pictures that will also incorporate the memory of their dad/husband who they unexpectedly lost last year. I am humbled and totally blown away that she would pick me to capture a moment like that! However, I am so thrilled that she asked and have so many neat ideas up my sleeve!!!

What things are on your mind today?

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  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy!! You seriously are so cute!! Thanks for finding me! I love your blog.

  2. How funny I was the same way when I was pregnant! I stayed up so late worrying about how much sleep I wouldn't get! It's easier though I think with the 2nd. You know it's coming and your better prepared for it. With my first I was like a zombie. With #2 it hasn't been that bad! Now that he is 2 months he sleeps for a good 6 hours at night before getting up.

  3. You are looking great! You are lucky to have no side effects with your other pregnancy. I was deathly ill my first 3 months, but after that I don't really have anything to complain about :o) That last shot is so sweet!


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