Bits of Sweetness: Nerves


Ten more weeks.
Ten more weeks until the due date!
I was telling Josh tonight that we should probably start making a list of what we'll need for the birth center.
It won't be as much as with a longer stay at a hospital, but still good to make a list!! (Especially if I'm in labor and he has to pack or something!)
I want to get a bag ready so we don't have to worry about that! Nothing like packing while in labor, right? ;-)
Lately, I love....doing Adrian's laundry, 
Getting the little clothes folded and put where they go. 
Admiring how teeny tiny they are!
Smelling the sweet smell of baby laundry.
Getting our registry done!
I love doing the little things like this to get ready. I feel better being all prepared.
Maybe it's one of my little quirks. I like to be ready. To know what is coming.
Lists are my thing. Planning is also my thing.
This week is exciting because, we get to register for the birth center on Thursday!!
That excites me, but at the same time, I come to a screeching halt with the excitement and the nerves begin to kick in because, it's only 10 weeks, give or take, until he is here! Ten weeks until the labor begins, and there is no turning back! Not that I would want to. It's kindof similar to that thrilling feeling of going on a roller coaster and climbing to the top of that first big huge hill. You love the thrill. But the anticipation and the first dip down the hill can get your nerves like no other! I'd rather just skip that part and get to the good stuff!! I am having so many feelings like that surrounding this birth. We chose to go with a birth center for several reasons, but there is still the nagging feeling in the back of my head knowing that there isn't an epidural available. It's ironic because, I don't want to need an epidural; to go through the pitocin (that may not be really that necessary yet); to be more at the doctor's discretion of what should be done rather than what I have a gut instinct on (not that those are always right, but often they are!) I'd rather be able to naturally deal with the pain, especially being able to use the birthing tub! This isn't in an "I-want-to-be-super-woman" sense at all, nor is it a way to make others feel bad about having to use pain medication! Not at all! Each birth is so different! I totally understand with Andrew's birth being so long and with how it went of being at the place of just needing it! This time around though I want to try to not get to that place, (like, choose to walk rather than go on pitocin just because the doctor thinks that it is a preferred time-saving idea) but I admit, I am a little nervous about it! (ok or maybe a lot!) About being able to do it. I know I can. I am a little bummed that we weren't able to make it into any childbirth classes, but I did order a couple books including the Bradley method one (I want to make sure Josh knows what to do to help and be a part of the birth since I know I'll be little help during labor!! And the Bradley method sounded perfect being focused on husband-coached birth). No matter what, in the end, hey- we get a beautiful baby boy out of it! What things worked well for you for managing pain during labor, especially when it got more intense?


  1. You are a smart, brave and strong woman, you will do wonderfully! I think it is lovely that you have plans and hopes and expectations, good for you. Like you said, every birth and every person is different, if this suits you and works, that's great!!
    Ten weeks will fly in, I am so excited for you and I totally know that feeling of washing and folding all of those cute little baby are going to have a tiny little man wearing those clothes soon!!! Exciting huh! Have a great week my friend xo

  2. hey laura ;) lists are my thing, too! WAHOO. just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU for linking up with me on #thejourney. i'm so honored to have you and looking forward to getting to know you better!

  3. Wow, ten more weeks! Not that much longer, you will do great! So exciting you get to register and birth center soon!


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