Bits of Sweetness: Sometimes & Always

Sometimes & Always

Sometimes I can't get over how cute our son is, especially squeaky clean out of the tub.
Always I love to give him lots of hugs and kisses, all the while smelling his soft freshly-cleaned hair.

Sometimes I wish we had more money. It would be so nice to have about ten million things on our wish list. (like, a house. All our bills paid off. Newer nicer clothes that were semi in-style. Newer cars.)
Always I try to count my blessings for what we do have because the blessings outnumber the wish-we-hads.

Sometimes I get our place semi-clean
{although, don't be too fooled! Those storage containers do a fabulous job of hiding disorganized mess well!}
Always I wish I were better at keeping our place up all the time. There are a lot of things that end up just always being in a semi-constant state of being undone. (Like, the laundry. Or our room being organized. Or the kitchen floor being clean. Or.. or...)

Sometimes I intentionally decide to go with what weather mood I am in for the day. Usually it's sunny. Because, I mean really- shouldn't it be a sunny day if we feel like it should be?! I think so!
Always I end up laughing at myself for not checking! This kind of thing ends up happening:
Sometimes I stumble upon awesome ideas. Like this one.
Using pictures of Christmas cards as contact photos in your phone!
Image courtesy of Pinterest
 Always I kindof wish I had been the brilliant one to think up the idea!

Sometimes I regret the silly insults that sometimes get thrown at my beloved hubby.
Always I try to tell him how much I love him. (And um, try to do it so it's not right after the above-mentioned insults so it's not only saying it to make up for what I wished I hadn't said. So hard though huh?!)

Sometimes I wish I had a million cans of colorful spray paint.
(Ok maybe not that many! I'll take like 20 though!!)
Then I could go thrift store treasure hunting for some awesome unique figures and do this:
Image courtesy of Pinterest

Always  I wish I were more crafty. I wonder why everyone always says I am. I just know where to look for ideas! They're usually not my own! (Remember. Thinking up neat ideas and doing them are two different things! Not to mention, there is always a balance in life! Usually the days I am crafty things like laundry or dishes don't get done! So don't feel too bad!)

Sometimes I wish I spent more time with Andrew
Always I am thankful for the time I do spend with him and am able to make memories! (Now to just make a point of doing it more!)

Sometimes I stay up until 2 am
Always I regret it the next day! Wonder why I did it... and.. inevitably do it again?! What is up with that?! (Ok so I have school as a good excuse!Kindof?! ;-) )


  1. I am so glad you have admitted that whilst being crafty your house is being neglected lol because I just can't seem to find a balance!!
    I also admire you for admitting that you can't keep up with the house because neither can I and it is not for the lack of trying.
    I loved this post, and yes, heaps more money would be fantastic!!

  2. I'm with you on the money thing. I do that too often. :(

    Defining Tabitha

  3. Awe I love your sometimes and always! I'm so glad you joined up, Megan is a wonderful girl!

    I love pinterest and admit I can't find a balance either!

    Thanks for sharing the christmas card contact idea. I love it and will have to do that!

  4. Sometimes in the PNW, you HAVE to wear what you want to wear. Especially when it just rains and rains during summertime. I'm with ya there.
    I also wish I could think of some of those Pinterest ideas. But then if that happened, I wouldn't be addicted to Pinterest. Hmmm, that may be a good/bad thing, ha!

  5. People always think I am crafty too and rarely are they my ideas! :)

  6. He is so cute! Love babies when they are fresh out of the tub!
    That is a smart idea with the christmas photo cards, going to have to do that :)
    Thanks for stopping by my guest post, please let me know if you need any toilet paper ;) ahaha
    I am your newest follower.

  7. I stay up WAY too late all the time. It's so hard to go to sleep early because the night time is the only time I get to myself! During the day, the kids are everywhere! And they need me constantly! Who knew kids would be so demanding! Ha ha. But yep, I stay up way too late and always regret it the next day.

    I am majorly addicted to Pinterest! Love it, love it, love it. I have a Pinterest link on my blog and if you click on it, you can follow me. I have a ton of stuff pinned on there :)

    They All Call Me Mom

  8. i love "sometimes and always" :) love that idea for using christmas card pics for contacts - smart! You are such a sweet mama and wife, friend!


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