Bits of Sweetness: Thankful Thursdays

Thankful Thursdays

This week, I am thankful for....

a good midwife appointment, and fairly uneventful pregnancy thus far. 
Thankful that the only instructions I have for now are to keep an eye on the Braxton Hicks, drink way more water, and get in some more exercise. I'm trying to be intentional about the last two! Otherwise I know it won't happen!

a more low key week. I love VBS but it is definitely nice to have a week of not having to be anywhere in the morning and to just be low key at home!

finding inexpensive storage for all the toys in the living room. Big rubbermaid containers just weren't cutting it! I can now breathe...! lol.
{Eventually they'll go against the wall to the left. Right now though we have a ton of big containers of  Andrew's clothes that need to go in the garage, which needs organized to have space first! ha! lol. By the way, that DVD tower to the right of the piano was only $10 at a thrift store!! TEN bucks! I was going to paint it, but I kindof like the dark wood with our wall art! maybe someday a matching blue or yellow. What do you think?}

getting registered for the birth center. I am a little nervous about doing a birth all natural but at the same time, I am more and more excited too (especially since I can do a water birth if I want to!) Today I turned in our registration papers and wow.. it seems so much more real now!! And crazy that there are about 8 weeks left (give or take!)

Andrew having easier days lately. Same can't quite be said about his bedtime, but I will totally take a kid who is way more compliant and sweet during the day than a bedtime that goes without a hitch and him staying in bed without getting up once! (Sometimes he does! Sometimes he doesn't. It's hit and miss).

Josh getting a title promotion at work. Not an actual job promotion but they changed the name from "Office Associate" to "Office Specialist." With all he does I'd say he totally earns it! Plus, don't you think that looks about 10x cooler on a resume?!! Yeah me too :)

finding a perfect dress for family maternity pictures this Saturday! (soo excited to be getting some more pictures of us too!!! We get a lot of Andrew but Josh and I have hardly any of us together so I am really thankful for the opportunity!!! Kindof nervous about me looking ok in them though! I guess we will see! Not doubting the photographer at all! {who happens to be a good friend of mine ;) } just knowing I am 7 months pregnant!!)
{Little hard to tell the pattern in this cell phone pic. You'll just have to wait to see the professional photos!!}

New friends. I love the friends I have dearly. I also love getting to know some new friends better. It's nice to find someone you just *click* with, isn't it? People are so unique and fascinating and I love to get to know them better!

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  1. awesome! bedtime is the worst around here. but things are getting better :)
    you look adorable!

  2. loved reading through your gratitude list...and seeing the pics. My guys are 11 and sixteen but I remember the toys everywhere it's mostly confined to their rooms. aahh. BTW you look great. Wishing you a beautiful Thursday

  3. Glad your pregnancy is going well, you look great in the dress :) I'm planning a birth center birth too!

  4. LOVE the dress! Can't wait to see how the photos turn out!

  5. Hi!

    I'm a new follower, just found you via Cami at First Day of my Life. And I'm so glad I did! I'm due September 18th! It's always neat to find someone with a due date in the same month! Look forward to checking out future posts! :)

  6. YAY for new dress!!
    Did you recently change your header? I love summery and cute :)
    Congratulations to Josh..woohoo..well deserved :)
    Yay for inexpensive storage, too :)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend planned with your beautiful fam <3
    I am thankful for you!!!

    Thanks for linking up to Thankful Thursday @ First Day of My Life!!

  7. Not sure if my previous comment posted or not, I forgot to connect to the internet lol so I think my comment disappeared. I was saying that I love your dress, the colours in it are lovely and yay for new friends! There is always so much to learn about someone...Good luck with your organising, that is not always an easy task :(
    Have a wonderful week Laura xo


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