Bits of Sweetness: Beauty Box Swap

Beauty Box Swap

It's funny. I am not super girly when it comes to a lot of things, but for whatever reason, I love makeup. Maybe it's the artistic factor, having a blank canvas and a palette of colors and textures to play with. Whatever the case, it is fun. I also love doing blog gift swaps. It's fun to meet new people and also fun to pick out just the perfect items for the person you have, and always a great surprise to get a box full of things too! This swap was definitely a good one! 

 It was a fun surprise to get a sweet box from Libby . Of course, I didn't get a picture of the box when I opened it! I was a little too excited to find everything that was in it! 

{Everything came in this cute bag! I am totally using it for the birth center!}

 elf eyeshadow, crackle nail polish set & blum face wipes- I have already used everything! I'd been wanting to try to the crackle nail polish so this was the perfect chance! It's fun! The eyeshadow is probably my favorite though! The colors are really pretty and there are lots of good ones to choose from. Libby didn't just stop there though! What a sweetheart! She thought of Andrew and Adrian too! She included a Batman yoyo and fishing game for Andrew. He was SO tickled anyone would send him anything, and exclaimed, "She thought of me!! How nice of her!!!" There was also the cutest little bath towel set and a Babies R Us gift card. I can't wait to use either!!  Libby- thank you SO much!! You are way too sweet! I will think of you often with all the kind things you sent!

A big thanks as well to  Tiffany , Megan, & Andrea for hosting this fun swap!


  1. Fun! I want to do a swap again sometime!

  2. What a great idea for a swap. Us moms could use a little more pampering in our life, right? :)

  3. How fun!! I love makeup too!

  4. Laura, I'm so happy you loved everything. I bought that crackle polish for myself, and loved it!

    Tell Andrew he's just as special as Mommy and Baby! Whenever there's a babyshower, anniversary, wedding, even a party for a sibling, I make sure to include the other little ones, so they get a little something too.


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