Bits of Sweetness: Don't be a Nobody! & Friday's blanks filled in :)

Don't be a Nobody! & Friday's blanks filled in :)

Don't be a nobody! Why? Nobody's make me sad! Ok wait....what am I talking about? Being a no-reply blogger! ;-) I have had several lately and it makes me sad because I can't reply to your sweet comments! You may not even realize you have your settings this way. It just takes a few seconds so go double check and make sure that you can get lovely comments back if you leave any on a blog!

So, here's what you do.
1) Start at your dashboard (, signed in ;-) ) and go to your Blogger Profile
 (Click on the arrow to the right of your display name to access the menu that has the option to get to your profile)
Once you get the menu to come up, go to "Blogger Profile"

On the following page, go to "Edit Profile" in the top right corner
On the following page, look at the box next to "Show my e-mail address" and see if it's checked or not. If not, no one can reply to any comments you make on a blog :( Make sure it's checked!
I love replying to each one of you who is sweet enough to take time out of your day to comment on my blog! I definitely don't take it for granted! (It still is a surprise to me to even get comments in the first place!!)

Now that that's settled, moving on to the fun Fill in the Blank Friday!

1.  I am proud of the fact that I am actually almost done with school!!! (diploma here I come!!! November almost can't get here soon enough!) Only took me six years to decide what I wanted to do and I am finally here! Think it would be awkward to throw a graduation party? hmmm.. lol I am tempted to...

2.   This weekend I will   be having a bbq with some good friends of ours (one of whom is going to be our doula!!), editing two photo shoots, doing three photosessions, and finishing up the work & a final for the last week of this one class! Phew!  

3.  A secret dream I have is    to adopt a child (or two) someday. We will see! Regardless, I would love to be able to make a difference in others' lives whether through a mission trip, local work with the needy, and just generally living to positively impact others, showing them the love God has through the way I live  .

4. I can't handle    when life gets too stressful all at once. Sometimes I have a hard time seeing outside the little stressful box of right now. This is where Josh is so good for me. He helps me think past what is making me go crazy. I do love him.

5. The most annoying thing in the entire world is   hmm to pick one thing from my pet peeves! I would have to say the people who brake incessantly in front of me. Especially when there is no reason to. It drives me nuts! Or the people going 15-20 over or under. I know, I know, we are so blessed to live in a country where these are the most annoying things I can think of. I am so blessed and I try to not take it for granted! Since you asked though..!  Another one: people who use incorrect grammar. I never say anything but ohhhh do I notice! lol It's "you're" not "your" when you mean "you are" people!!It's probably one of the biggest mistakes people make these days in statuses, comments, and all over in general. Not a big deal, I know. but it bugs me nonetheless lol.Go ahead. call me a grammar nut ;-) I get it from my mom and grandma!

6. The most relaxing thing in the entire world is   my hubbie's arm & neck rubs. Not massages but just rubs. They are soo relaxing. That and a good hot shower. He always teases me about how scalding hot I like the water but hey- it feels sooo  good!  Can you blame me?!

7.  I think everyone should   be careful how quick they are to get nasty when someone disagrees with them. You really can't control other ideas and opinions that are out there and it's as if some just don't know what to do with this fact but they try to get rid of all these opposing ideas and viewpoints or at least try to make them be quiet.I promise I don't hate you just because I have a different viewpoint on something (especially with what I believe.) It really is possible to love someone and not agree with them on any viewpoint whether it be how you think a movie should have ended to more serious stuff like beliefs. Learning to kindly talk through differences is a beautiful thing. Also: when did conviction become such a horrible thing? I know it's never fun to feel bad about something but if life was just rainbows and unicorns and butterflies, we would never be challenged and would never become better people. After all where does the rainbow come from? I know we would love to just avoid the storm but think about the things that are the most beautiful. They have weathered much and that is not a bad thing. Through weathering comes something much more amazing and much more beautiful. I think more people should stop trying to fight the things that will help them. Good friends aren't just ones who say only what you want to hear. They are the ones who see the butterfly that you are becoming and lovingly help you get there. In other words: It's a process people. We aren't born at the destination! So the next time someone says something that stings a little, take a second to not jump to the conclusion that they're intentionally trying to hurt your feelings. They may see something you don't, and care about you and love you enough to say something. Pruning can hurt but otherwise there are no award winning roses ;-) Just lots of thorns and a few pretty buds. That said, it's good for there to be a balance too and not just focusing on criticism! Always room for more positive!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?
 I am totally looking forward to some watermelon tomorrow!
 It is my favorite!! Perfect with a little salt :) Also looking forward to some SUN  in the forecast!!!!
In a month or so we will be missing it!! So bring it on!!! I will gladly take our 80+degrees!!! 
Happy weekend!! 



  1. Thanks for the tutorial, I've never been able to reply to any of my comments, and always wondered why. Aw...Your little prince it the cutest! P.S. I nominated you for the Liebster Award!!! Be sure to stop by and read my Liebster Award post from today! xo

  2. Thanks for sharing the tip on how to display your email. I didn't know for the longest time until I read about it on another blog. I think a lot of new bloggers don't realize they can do that, so kudos to you for pointing it out! :)

    I agree, people need to step back and be respectful of other people's opinions. You're not required to agree with everyone, and there is never any call to get nasty!

    Thanks for sharing! :) -mia

  3. I can really relate to 3 and 4.

    Congrats on your upcoming graduation...exciting!

  4. Lady, you better throw a graduation party! Even if it is a small one, you worked hard you deserve to have that moment. It took me 7 years to graduate (I took off 2 years from school, got pregnant, married, life events) so I felt kinda weird about throwing a party & actually begged my husband not to have one. However, he threw me one and it was great! Just saying, I think you would enjoy it! Congrats!

  5. Just stumbled across your blog... and I love the email tutorial! I also hate when I get comments and can't respond to them! Boo! :(

    Congrats with almost being done with school, who cares if it took a few extra years? You graduated, which is amazing in itself! So who cares how long it took!! (And a graduation party definitely sounds like a fabulous idea!)

    I love how you are a grammar nut! I used to be that way until I became a middle school teacher and realized how AWFUL my students write! I had to pull myself away because I was getting frustrated DAILLLLLYYY!!!!!

    I also hate people who go under the speed limit (especially when I can't pass them because of other cars around me and how there is usually NO ONE in front of them... so there is really NO reason why they should be going so slow!)


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