Bits of Sweetness: Food for thought

Food for thought

I know everyone has their own opinions on different things in life, and that is totally fine.
These are some things that really made me think and/or inspired me.They are me. And what I believe.

Do we earn the right to life the moment we come into existence? Or whenever another human being who is bigger, older, and stronger determines so?- good thought. If we decide we have the right to just take life because it's convenient, where does the convenience factor stop? those in power do not have sympathy for lives and this is one day going to lead to the weakest in our society being "done away with" because they cost more to keep in good health,require more work to take care of, don't add as much as they could to society, among many more things. A society that values all life is one where greatness is found. I think about living in a society where my worth was only in what I could do, and not in simply who I was. I am pretty sure my self esteem would plummet. There's a very good reason I believe that all life is valuable simply because it is a life. It's the way it should be. The way God made it to be. When life is valued,  my own life is lived more carefully because I know it may effect others, rather than being caught up in what I want to do and how that should be top priority. It's not. And there is beauty in that.
I saw one blog post that was a response to the above photo. The blogger was talking about how prenatal tests are not a negative thing and that the parents have every right to know what challenges their child may face. I totally agree. It's sad the blogger missed the point. The point isn't that prenatal tests shouldn't be done. I am all for prenatal testing. We had testing done with this pregnancy. It's a very good idea so you have the extra time to prepare yourself in case you do have a child with special needs.
Something many miss when deciding if they want to keep a child, whether a child in and of itself, or one with down syndrome or other special needs is that, while their child's life may hold challenges, they will be beyond blessed by that child. Moreso than they realize. Have you ever seen a child with special needs? Have you ever noticed how happy they are?! I don't know about you, but they seem like some of the happiest people ever. And.. sadly, we like to try and say that their quality of life will be less and we are doing them a "favor" to not give them a life here. One of my favorite bloggers is Kelle Hampton. They had no idea their 2nd daughter had down syndrome until she was born. Kelle talks about how painful it was to find that out, but after she came to grips with how things had turned out, she came to discover the incredible beauty that was to be found in little Nella. It was something they never would have otherwise known.

You can't put a price tag on the blessings gained and beauty seen through life's challenges.

If we chose to avoid the storms of life,
we would never know what a rainbow was nor understand its beauty!


  1. I love this post!! And I cannot agree more. Best quote ever: "If we chose to avoid the storms of life, we would never know what a rainbow was nor understand its beauty!" Love that, thanks for sharing. :)

  2. What a beautiful post. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Laura, Love this post! So sad there a few people can't see past it.

  4. Great post, life is so beautiful!


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