Bits of Sweetness: Friday's Letters

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, Ahh how I love just sitting relaxing, feet up, basking in the joy of the day- good long nap, getting the car cleaned out (yeah.. that really needed to happen sometime soon here, preferably before Adrian came so we weren't attempting to do that while heading to the birth center. Can you just imagine that?! SO nice to have it checked off my list!!!!!) and had my baby shower. It was sweet to share in the time with friends and family, and I am actually looking forward to the one-on-one time I'll have with anyone who wasn't able to make it (sometimes life happens!! And that is ok!) Friday, you are indeed a good day. You wrap up the week well! A couple sneak peek to the baby shower before you get to see the neat pictures my photographer friend took for me! (Such a sweet gift on her part, isn't it?!)

Dear neighbors, I am not one to snitch but I mean really, I am tempted. It's not that you are a big noise problem or anything but you're in a 2-bedroom apartment and from what we can figure there are like, eight of you (and two yappy dogs) living in those two bedrooms. (I am wondering where they all sleep?! Too hot for the garage!) You are really lucky you only have two neighbors because we are both really nice (and would feel soo weird telling our rental company because you know they'd figure it was one of us...) but I mean for honesty's sake here.. and too if you didn't own a nail salon and offer to give your sweet neighbors discounts... a discount I definitely might take them up on soon here for the massage part of the pedicure. ahh Dilemmas...!! (so now.. do I ask them and see how many are really living there and if it's just temporary? Or just assume that they're all there?  Argh.... At least they're not a noise problem right?)

Dear ice, I cannot get enough of you these days and I have no idea why! The cold.. the crunch.. (especially the crunch). These days you just might find me running water over ice cubes to get them bite-sized. Sooo good! I may or may not have told Josh and Andrew, "NO you can't have my ice!" Haha.. um... yeah...

Dear Target, you make the cutest cards. I seriously love the box of 50 pastel blue polka dot thank-you cards (just $9.99 too!!) with fun envelopes  that I got this past week to use for gifts.

Dear US Postal Service, Thank-you for having fun awesome stamps!! They make a great addition to my thank-you cards!

Dear tradition, I am glad you are sometimes meant to be broken. Because really, the whole "You only need one baby shower for your first" rule really needed to go. I mean, the thought of already having everything is just silly. Tradition, have you seen how fast kids wear things out?! Not to mention, shouldn't each life be equally celebrated? The first baby isn't the only one we are joyous about and celebrate so why not have a celebration for each? I am thankful for friends who share the same opinion! Tradition, I love you where you fit. And sometimes you have a very good place! But there are other times I like another friend called flexibility and new memories more :)

Dear sweet friend and Dad of mine, Without either of you, the shower would not have been a success! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! :) I am so touched that my friend wanted to throw this shower for me. And, touched equally that my dad wanted to help as much as he did (thankfully it wasn't too much to do! But still!) I appreciate the people who go out of their way in whatever form to pull off a special time. It meant even more that it was for me!

Dear Saturday, I am looking forward to you greatly! A trip to the fair for the day should be just perfect! It's a tradition every year now! (now that kind of tradition, I like!) If you're on instagram, expect to see some pics tomorrow! :) (I'm lrailing on there if you're wondering ;-) I'd love to follow you back too!)

What are you looking forward to this weekend?



  1. I so agree with you - each baby should be celebrated equally! I had 2 baby showers, too! :) Hope you have a great time at the fair!

  2. I am so happy to hear your shower was a success and you got to spend precious time with good friends and awesome family. Yes, every new baby deserves to be celebrated!! I look forward to seeing the pics :)

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed the shower Laura! And very thankful your dad was around to help set up and then come take down stuff that was wonderful and saved me from a sore back today! :) And yes I felt that is one tradition that can be broken, every baby is special in my opinion and kids wear stuff out!

  4. You have an amazing blog! I am hooked!! :) Blessings to you!

  5. So glad your shower was a success! I also hope the fair treated you well! It looked like a pretty nice day overall for it :)

  6. I agree. Each baby should be celebrated equally.
    I too love all the stamps they have, I picked up baby shower ones for my bestie's baby shower invites. They were the cutest!
    Hope you guys had a blast at the fair.

  7. stop. it. those stamps. ahhh i love!


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