Bits of Sweetness: How to stay friends in real life & bloggy life too

How to stay friends in real life & bloggy life too

I don't know about you, but I love the friends I have. Dearly. Some live near. Some live far. I love being able to spend time with the friends that I have and to talk (well, that's a no-brainer, right? ;-) ) I also love the friendships I have with those who live long-distance or even some I have never officially met in person yet, but have written many letters and notes to. It's fun to follow their blogs and lives. I don't go crazy with it or anything (I mean, one can only keep up with so many people online, right? ;-) ) but it is fun- having both. And then there is the best of both worlds- the good friends I have in real life who are also ones who have blogs and are favorite blogs I follow. For some, the thought of their real-life friends (and maybe even family too) reading their blog posts sends a few nervous jolts down their spine (ok maybe not quite that bad but still.. perhaps a tad bit sense of discomfort?) since blogging can often be a way to write what is on one's heart. While it's good to write what's on one's heart, I think a balance is good too. A blog should never be a place for open venting (as in, too much openness. Too much that would hurt those around you. Not just simply writing from the heart or in general terms.) So, my first tip- when you write on your blog, write as if anyone you know might read the post. And no, not writing so everyone you know will agree with your post, but be sensitive and be sure to maintain a sense of honor while writing. It's totally possible to write things in a general sense without revealing too much. (Another idea? If you really really really need to vent, use Google docs! You can write what you want, even starting a journal there and get your gut-honest feelings out there- just not in the public domain to hurt feelings. ) So.. carrying on with sensitivity and the friends you have as bloggers and real life friends. For some, this isn't even an issue. But, I thought I'd touch on a few things because, if you're not careful it can turn into an issue.

Tip 1: Be respectful of their space. Yes you are good friends. No this does not mean you have to stalk and keep an eye on every single blog post they post to make sure you don't miss anything and comment on all of their posts. In other words- you may be good friends but don't feel as if you need to compete to stay #1 in their life! (Think of your spouse/significant other in terms of this! Wouldn't it be a little weird if, for instance, they did this with your Facebook page, liking every.single. post. Commenting on every.single. picture. ? Yeah.. space is good! Make sure you give your friends theirs too!)

Tip 2: Don't be a copy cat! There are some great blog post ideas floating out there! And, chances are, your friend just might use or even come up with some good ones! It's fine to do some of the same ones (make sure you give credit that you saw it on their page!) But it's good to have a balance. I mean, how would you feel if someone started re-posting every.single. status update you put up? little... weird....

Tip 3: Remember that it's ok if they have their own friends! Also remember that it's ok if you aren't friends/followers with all of their friends & followers! Variety is the spice of life! Chances are, your friend will develop many new friendships once entering the bloggy world and may grow close to many of those people. Take the opportunity to find your own new friends who share the same interests you do (and maybe some interests that are different than your friends!)

Tip 4: Don't let it turn into a numbers competition. I know this has ruined some great friendships. Some bloggers take off and very quickly become popular. To some, the numbers don't matter. But, I know that just as easily, it can be hard not to notice. Just remember: there can be cons of being a "big blogger." Like your blog getting unwanted attention from those who comment just for the sake of starting a fight or saying something mean. There is beauty in not being the most popular. Don't take it personally! Just appreciate the bloggy friendships you have and remember that it's really not about the numbers. It's about the amazing people who write from their heart.

Tip 5: Don't forget to nourish the friendship in real life too!! (of course!)

Just a few things on my mind I thought I would share :)

Happy Tuesday! (I almost wrote Monday!! Aren't you glad I'm not right!!!!) Oh wait- I am too!!!

Are there any good tips you yourself have or have learned with friends you share in real life & bloggy land?

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