Bits of Sweetness: It's Friday!! + a giveaway & a guest post!

It's Friday!! + a giveaway & a guest post!

Some humor to start out your Friday because I know you need a smile :)
Yeah.. this is so me. I can't stop laughing over it. :)

I am loving today's post because a sweet friend of mine is guest-posting! (and, who knows, maybe even doing a giveaway or something ;-) Read on!)

First, remember these photos? 
Brittany is the lovely seller of the beautiful turquoise ring in these photos.When I found it in her Etsy shop, I knew it had my name on it. And, sure enough- I am totally in love with it! I love how pretty and colorful it is! It really makes an outfit pop and I think it added a lot to the family pictures we recently had done!!
 I have enjoyed getting to know Brit, and know you will too! So, without further ado.. :)

Hey Friends! My name is Brittany and I blog over at These Happy Times. Few things you should know about me, I'm married to my best friend, stay-at-home mommy to my precious little Noah, love Jesus, and love to create. I’ve been getting to know Laura over the last month and she is such a sweet heart. Today she invited me to come say hello while sharing a little bit about my shop & myself. 
The Happy Times shop began as a way for me to share all of the lovely things I enjoy creating. Currently the shop is full of pieces of jewelry that I love wearing! I have the tendency to make a piece for me & one for the shop, ha. Over the last year I have become passionate about living creatively. Not just to create things but to live a creative lifestyle. This helps to not get stuck in the rut that a busy life as a stay-at-home mommy can bring. To be honest, my favorite thing to do on a free afternoon is wander around vintage thrift shops or flip through a Better Home & Garden magazine to take in all of the colors of pieces of furniture, clothing, and textures. This is where I find so much inspiration to create new things. You should try it out!

A few fun things to know about me;
My favorite ice cream is anything Blue Bell. I lived in Brenham, Texas (where Blue Bell is made) for many years & perhaps I’m slightly biased now.

My favorite colors (because I can’t pick one) are teal, grey, and yellow. If you come to my house you will figure this out quickly!

If I had $1,000 laying around in an envelop with, Brittany, written on it I would grab my man, take my sweet toddler to his Grammy’s house, pack up the car, and my husband & I would go on a little vacation to the beach in Florida. We love road trips together (just the two of us) & would love to getaway to the beach.

You guys are in for a treat- Brittany is giving away this beautiful pair of earrings from her shop! 
To enter, simply leave a comment on this post letting me know your favorite thing in her shop. {I am loving the antique owl necklace!} She is also offering a 25% discount to any of my lovely readers if you use the code THEHAPPYCODE25 at checkout. (There are some great deals in the shop! And even better with the discount!) Be sure to stop by her blog and say hi too! Leave a little sunshine for her Friday :)
Happy Friday friends! Do something smile-worthy this weekend!


  1. What a cute shop! I especially love the owl necklaces and nest ones! :)

  2. I am totally digging the rings she's got to offer :) I like the one you had, but the coral one is way cute too. My favorite has to be the Rose flower ring with lace.

    I think you should get the turquoise bird nest's totally "momma bird-ish" and would match your ring!

  3. I am in love with the camera necklace!!! I'm a photographer and have been madly craving one of these for ages! Who knows, maybe I'll luck out and get one for my birthday... on Monday... Oh Hubby!!!! *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

  4. I like the rings, but I don't wear a lot of rings. (My wedding rings on one hand and my mother's ring on the other hand are all I need.) I really like the Earrings with Cream, Blush Pink, and Opaque Pink Czech Beads, mainly because they're pink, my favorite color! :-)

  5. I really like the Earrings with Cream, Blush Pink, and Opaque Pink Czech Beads, because they are cute and my favorite color- PINK! :-)

  6. I love the camera necklace and the turquoise birds nest necklace! She has a sweet shop!

  7. Cute!! Those nest necklaces and dahlia earrings are definitely my favorite!


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