Bits of Sweetness: Sometimes & Always

Sometimes & Always

Sometimes, I can't help but just stare at our son, and wonder where he gets so many of his incredible ideas from!

Like this one. See the chairs on the side? He and his friend pulled them up so they could relax. But then they took relaxing to a whole new level right into the pool!!

Always, I am amazed at the depth of love in my heart for him. Could this love grow any more?! I am finding it sure can!

Sometimes, I am a little clumsy. Especially these days!!

Always,  I am thankful I am just simply me, clumsiness and all. I love being uniquely my own person, not trying to be like anyone else (amen to that right? ;) )

{37 weeks!}

Sometimes, it's the little things that make me smile :)

{Like cute bright green wallets for $1.99 at Ross and a little flower picked & given to me by Andrew!}

Always, I am thankful for the things that help me appreciate what I take for granted. 

Sometimes, my hubby drives me nuts. It's like he just knows!

Always, I am so thankful for him. The random messages asking me how I am, hoping I have a good day, the sweet hugs, the thoughtful things he does, the constant care and concern for how I am (especially these days), his willingness to do things with me, and love for desserts, especially home-made milkshakes.  I could go on. I love him greatly :)

Sometimes, there are people who you know who you just have to smile and nod at, all while thinking, "Wow.. just.. wow..." Some people are just very..... "unique" and have their own brand of humor & thinking, you know? :) (They're the kind who make comments or jokes that everyone laughs at just to be nice, {all the while scratching their heads like "huh?!"} or come up with ideas that well... let's just say the thoughtful gesture is appreciated but may, perhaps, not be taken ;-) )

Always, I am thankful for the people I know who just get me. They know what I love and what makes my day, and the same goes for them too. There's nothing quite like good friends :)

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  1. This was a sweet post, the love you have for your family is admirable, you are such a caring and kind person!! And look at you now, wow you are just all baby, not an ounce of fat on you. Guess you'll be springing back to your pre-pregnancy self in no time! You look awesome :)

  2. After not seeing a post for a few days, I was wondering if you had gone into labor and had the baby! I'm glad to see he's still cookin in there!


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