Bits of Sweetness: Splash park fun & pregnancy stuff.. or something like that

Splash park fun & pregnancy stuff.. or something like that

Yesterday we had some fun originally planned in Seattle, but, plans changed (having to take it easier in a pregnancy will do that!!) and while I was a little bummed not to go down(I love Seattle!!!), I was thankful other fun was to be found where we live. Our moms group had a meetup at a local splash park, so Andrew and I decided to go. It's funny because his attitude towards water has changed much from year-to-year. When he was a baby, he loved it. The next year when he was 1 he wanted nothing to do with it and was pretty scared about the whole idea. The year after that when he was 2, he thought it was ok, but only if it was nice and toasty warm! So, no splash park that year! Finally last year he warmed up to the idea and this year the kid just can't get enough!! I guess you just never know with kids, huh?! There was a cloud cover for most of our time there so our warmly-predicted day was only in the 70s! That did not stop Andrew though! He spent almost an hour racing through the fountains, getting soaking wet, and having a blast! Some pictures of our fun:

{Kid's splashing stomping dream!}
 {I love the look of glee on his face! Another little boy had finally given Andrew a turn
and he was just going to town with the big frog sprayer!!!}
{He squealed with delight every time  he went through the mist!}

 After that we decided to dry off, have some lunch, and get some fun in on the playground!
{What is it about boys and being so serious while driving?! It's sure cute though!}
{It had just started to rain so this was Andrew's clever idea to escape the rain!!
Too bad Mama wouldn't fit!!!}
{My favorite picture from the day :) }

Some days, the unexpected turns into the fantastic! Today was definitely one of those days! 
We even got to end it with and unplanned bbq at my dad's and a trip to the park with him
 to play frisbee and get some energy out! 
{Racing to get the frisbee!}
{Andrew's idea for his own frisbee game!!}

{35 weeks!}

All in all a wonderful day!

I am learning that this point in my pregnancy is so much different than with Andrew!!
{I didn't have to really take it easy at all in the pregnancy
 and was doing lots of things all the way until I had him! So, this is new!}
All that busyness yesterday meant having almost nothing planned today.
{Can you say evil Braxton Hicks :S I am now inundated with water!! It seems to help.}
The productive side of me, and the have-fun-make-memories side of me
really don't like that, but I am learning to appreciate the calm and quiet,
and enjoy the lack of doing. {Even though it's hard!!} 
My biggest accomplishment today? Playing with the modge podge :)
 Can't wait to show you the idea I came up with for that!

Happy Tuesday!!

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  1. Aww looks like Andrew had a blast.
    I recently discovered a splash park a few miles from my house, and my nieces love it there.


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