Bits of Sweetness: Thankful Thursday: Baby edition!

Thankful Thursday: Baby edition!

I have much to be thankful for this week! We've had lots of sunshine, pleasant summer weather (enough to turn off the a/c in my car sometimes to save gas!! The prices!! Ahh!! Since when was "just $3.35 a gallon!" a good price?! Yikes! It adds up! Although I can't imagine living up north where I did the math and it's about $5 a gallon?! Yuk! Maybe I'll take that $3.35!! Now wonder the Canadians like to come down here!!)  Anyways :) Moving on! (I don't get distracted easily... not at all..!!)

I thought for fun I would do a thankful post and baby update. Here goes :)

Baby Update

How far along:  34 weeks, 1 day!

Weight Gain: More than with Andrew! And I have a pretty good feeling much of that has to do with eating soo many yummy things- chocolate chip cookie dough tonight, for instance! Oh well. At least I'm young, right? (now to actually workout after the birth!! Just because I can doesn't mean it will happen :-/  )

Stretch Marks: Just a few faint ones on my sides! (Thank goodness for that!)

Movement: It is definitely stronger now! Watching the Olympics and the swimming reminds me of our little boy inside me, kicking away (thankfully it doesn't hurt! It's just very strong!) It is so sweet to find his little feet and legs! 
Cravings: Tillamook vanilla bean yogurt and blueberries. Lots of blueberries. Probably my favorite thing. Aside from watermelon. That tops both. Juicy, ripe watermelon with salt. Perfection!

Sleep:Thankfully pretty good, once I can get comfortable. I'm thankful I sleep through Adrian's much-more-noticeable kicks and jolts because he is usually up in the evening from 11 pm until 3 or 4 am but then sleeps until 8 or 9. So not too bad since I can sleep through that!

Best moment this week: Getting Adrian's baby shower cake ordered!!! I am so excited that I made the decision to go with a very non-traditional but fun (and cute!!) dinosaur theme. The cake is an adorable blue dinosaur with green polka dots (Costco!!!) and so my friend and I are planning it around that. I have had a blast coming up with ideas for decorations and helping her think of games. I've been surprised at all the RSVPs!! Way more than I was expecting!! I am stoked!

Gender: Definitely  boy!!!

Labor signs: I had a ton of Braxton Hicks contractions two weeks ago, even just from walking! A short trip to the grocery store was killing me! But, my midwife highly recommended drinking tons of water, so I have. And, guess what? She was right. It has seriously helped!!! On a good day I get about 100 oz. down. I don't think I've ever drank so much water in my life!! I am really thankful that it's helped the Braxton Hicks stop for the most part though!! It's still a little early yet and I sure don't want to be put on bedrest! At least not yet!!

Maternity clothes: Yes. Although, I have quite a few shirts that are not. I only have a few actual maternity shirts. The rest are all just a size bigger of Target's awesome basic shirts and tanks. (Gotta love Target!!)

What I miss: Not having to deal with low blood pressure. I had the same thing with Andrew's pregnancy and it is just not fun. No morning sickness with either but instead, the entire pregnancy I have to watch eating too much salt, too much sugar, getting too warm & getting enough circulation- all super hard to do! If I'm not careful, I have to sit or lie down for at least half an hour, and oddly I haven't really found anything at all to help it. Not protein, not drinking cold water, not any kind of food, just time. It's weird. Thankfully there are just 6 weeks (give or take) to go, and I am no longer working so if I need to lie down for a long time I can! It does, however, make it interesting shopping if it happens to hit in the middle of errands! There have been a few times I've had to just sit. Even on an end aisle. Or on the floor. lol. No worries though. I know my limits. I have never actually ever passed out/fainted. I can just always can tell when I am getting close. It's definitely a pregnancy pain to deal with! But hey- for the sweet baby we will get, I will gladly deal with it!! At least most of the time I can tell when it will happen! The lady at the sewing counter at the fabric store must have thought me a bit funny the other day when I sat for about 20 minutes because I needed to. Didn't even look at the pattern books! Just sat playing Draw Something while I waited for the lovely feeling to fade. Then again, maybe she didn't even notice ;-) 
What I'm looking forward to: Actually, our labor. I didn't think I would ever say that, but my viewpoint has gradually transitioned from what can I do to fight against the pain to, what can I do to work with/ work through the pain and discomfort? I was excited to find a super soft super thick memory foam bath mat for just $12.99 at Costco. I thought that might be a huge help to have to kneel or sit on during the birth, and it's big enough for both Josh and I!! (And the price!! You seriously can't beat that!!) We just found a doula (one of our good friends!!) and, I have to say, I am so thankful Josh's mom thought of the idea. It wasn't something I had considered at first (just with the cost that can be involved) but it is such a blessing we decided to find one because the amount of prayer and support she will be able to help give is tremendous, plus she is also a friend so even better yet! (Interesting tidbit: Josh's mom used to be on the certification board of DONA as a doula!! So she is very familiar with them!! It was a blessing for her to be at Andrew's birth, but now she and my mom both live far away so the extra support will be really nice to have during labor!) Confession: I never even knew what a doula was before I met Josh. (It's pronounced dew-luh if you weren't aware ;-) ) but as I got to know Josh better, I got to know his mom better and discovered how great and huge a help one can be at the birth! I know "to each their own" but you just never know how birth will go, and a doula can be support (if needed!! always just if needed!) for you and also your partner. Sometimes the dads (or partners) need some cheering on too!! Kindof hard for mom to do in labor ;-) Especially if you're having a natural or birth center birth like we are. It's a little different story when you just don't have the epidural/pain medicine option available at all! So, I am definitely thankful! (because, truth be told, I would take it if it was there! just fyi. But I think it'll be good for me to not have the option and have to learn how to make labor a peaceful, memorable (in a good way!) experience. We will see! Women were made for this, right?!

Also thankful for: Great photosessions with lots of sunlight. Just had to share a few from a recent senior one I did! The combination of the sunlight and her smile? Total winner! It's been neat to watch her grow into such a beautiful young woman with so much joy inside! It just shines through.

{Above photo taken with my favorite fun lens!}

{My favorite of the bunch :) }

Happy Thursday!!

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  1. oh my, first off, you have been able to turn off the ac in the car? thats just craziness. Here in texas we would suffocate in less than a minute. lol. And I have to say that you look incredible!!

  2. I love your photos. My husband is into photography and has taken many photos of willing subjects. Unfortunately our teenage boys do not like sitting still why Daddy takes pictures. ;-)

  3. Congrats on baby #2!! I'm your newest follower! Thanks for hosting this link-up! xo, viv

  4. You are soooo beautiful!!!! :) The day is almost here ;)
    Have a beautiful Thursday my pretty friend!

  5. congrats on your pregnancy! You do look great!! :)
    Im your newest follower!

  6. Congrats on the baby! You look terrific! This is my first time linking up here! thanks for hosting, nut for some reason I can't see the list!

  7. Glad your pregnancy is going well! We're getting closer!

    This may sound dumb, but I didn't realize that was low blood pressure. I have had similar 'bouts with having to just sit down...I'm prone to fainting anyway, so it can be pretty scary.

    Hope everything continues to go well for you!

  8. Congrats on your pregnancy. Wishing you a safe delivery.

    I am your newest GFC follower from the blog hop. If you have a moment and would like to, you can visit me here The Things We Find Inside


  9. Having a doula is great, I love my doula!! I would not birth without one. And HypnoBirthing is a great birth class if you're afraid of labor, it really helped me look forward to mine, and kept me calm during the whole thing.


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