Bits of Sweetness: Thankful Thursday: Friends edition

Thankful Thursday: Friends edition

Today, I am simply thankful for good friends, for ones long-time ones
and some newer ones too.
Some fun and inspirational quotes about friends that I've found.




 What I love about my friends?
-they make me laugh
-they make me think, about life, about what I thought I knew about something (or someone)
-they encourage me
-they love me for me
-they challenge me
-they're the ones where silence is comfortable, not awkward
-simply being in their presence equals a good time
-the ones who have seen me not at my best but are still my friends and are there for me even then
-the ones whose feelings I've accidentally hurt but who are still there (and are willing to work through hurt feelings)
-the fact that a smile comes to my face simply from thinking about them and what they mean

I love the new friends I have too! Last week, I discovered that a sweet blogger I've gotten to know, Alison, lived a lot closer than I though! So, we met up for yummy ice cream and had a blast getting to know each other more and enjoying some tasty unique ice cream! A few pictures from our time together:

{A tree made out of spoons. How cool is that?!}
 {Had to take a pint home for my dad!}

And, yay for friends who you've known a long time too. My dear dad gave me a gift certificate to this great nail place in the mall. (Wait.. maybe it's just great because it has my initials, LV :) ) When I was expecting Andrew, and over-due, my mother-in-love treated me to a pedicure there. And now, my dad did the same (thankfully I'm not overdue..yet! Hey wait- I am liking this new tradition!!) I didn't want to wait too long to use it, so, I met up with my sweet friend Ashley and we enjoyed some good girl relaxation time. (Not to mention that they decided that that day, deluxe pedis were the same price as regular! SCORE! That massage oil hot rock rub was amazing...!) It was a fun night. I definitely needed it.  And, my toes were completely smiling.(Ok NOW I am all set for labor. My toes needed to be cute and ready first. And now they are. Hehe. )

What do you love about your friends? What is something you have learned because of your friends? Or, your favorite thing to do with your friends? I'd love it if you'd write a post about friendship and link up! (or, just leave a snazzy comment ;) )

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  1. Great post Laura! Friendship is so very important to me and I love and cherish my friends so much!!! Friendships are a blessing :) You have some great quotes there, thanks for sharing xo

  2. I love all these quotes on friendships! Especially about how people come into and out of your life for different reasons. So true! Pedicures were fun and it definitely was worth it to spend just a few dollars more and get the deluxe!

  3. Aw :) You are super sweet. That was a lot of fun! Can't wait to do it again and meet your family!!


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